Why Imaging Centers Stop Patients’ CD Burning Process


If you talk to imaging centers and other related healthcare providers, you’ll realize the process of CD burning is very painful for the patients. It’s because this is not just costly, it’s also time-consuming and nobody likes this outdated method.

Unlike DCM viewer free or paid options, burning CD is the bulky method when it comes to delivering images such as X-rays and CT scans. These things indicate that they should avoid the CD burning process as soon as possible.

Also, it’s a very bad habit to burn CDs with medical images these days while having another way to go with. But, some people like to stick with their bad habits as they feel comfortable with their old traditional way. You’ll get inspiration to leave these bad habits if you know the below reasons to stop the habit of the burning CD of your patients’ images.

Patients Can Lose Their CDs Many Ways

For example, one of your relatives hurt his foot while visiting your city. It was very painful that need emergency management and he got a CD after some hours of diagnosis of his broken bone. When he returned home, everybody agreed that he needs to meet an orthopedist.

Although the hospital we visited with him, it was very modern, they didn’t have any other ways of sharing their patients’ images. They just use CDs to do the task. As we know a bit about imaging business, we asked him to load the images to the cloud and share it with his physician electronically.

Despite his objection, we kept it on the cloud-based storage. But, he found it useful when going to visit to a doctor and forget the CD to bring with him. Likewise, it was possible to lose, broken, stolen, and any things with the CD.

It’s Frustrating to Pick A CD Up from Their Office

This is always very inconvenient when patients need CDs. It’s in an urgent or with the visit of a busy physician. For example, we had a friend and he needed a serious diagnosis once a sequence of scans has done. He instantly gets admission to a specialty center for treatment that was out of his town.

But, it means that it was possible to handle quickly the logistics. It was a hard time for him because he had to pack up faster to arrange his household. Also, he had to manage his kid’s schedules while traveling out of his town.

The last thing that he needs is to drive around the city to his different providers to get his CDs regardless of mobile DICOM viewer. It’s because it needs his other treating facility. It’d better convenient to use his smartphone or laptop to share his images with some other he needs.

No Longer Availability of CD Drives These Days

Most PCs and laptops of these days come without the feature of CD drives. So, when you get a CD with your medical images, it’s not possible to view on most computers.

And it looks like that using this drive with a computer will be avoided for all computers. This is why burning CDs are not worth anymore.