Why A Hybrid PACS Solution Great for Open Source Lovers

Usually, people are the type of being who always prefer to live in their comfort zones. When the zones are a good solution, they don’t look for anything more. This is because we have heard from some clients and they have said that they like their desktop computer.

Also, they don’t like to leave using Horos or Osirix as their free DICOM viewer Mac. We truly get the point. But, it’s not the solution of all issues to use a desktop viewer. When it comes to Horos, it has users in more than 160 countries worldwide. It’s because this is one of the widely used free and open-source apps to work as DICOM image viewer.

So, we recommend solving the issue while your app has not broken. In this case, a hybrid solution can be the best solution that allows you to afford you the best of all other efforts. Let’s get some topics that will help you understand a hybrid solution is what you’re looking for.

Free & Open Source

Among other viewers, Horos is very popular to the medical practices for some unique reasons. These include it’s free and open-source viewer and comes with the most essential features. Also, it’s very functional when you try to upsell its paid edition.

Horos is easy to take on your system with a free download without any attached strings. We suggest Horos Academy to everyone who uses it as it provides paid support for the truly hard questions. And the experts teach video training.

As it’s out of the real-time, you may get a look at the tutorials when it suits you. But, the short and long of it, this could be plenty of people like better the desktop viewers for its benefits.


As a radiologist or a physician, you should make reports. So, you’ll get it working in your favor because of being open-source. Also, it falls short of the job and you should use a different platform when you want to do it. Although it can be burdensome for scores of reasons, the most thorough is it requires of the organization.

It could be just lots of clicks and a huge time-consuming. However, it’s easy to integrate Horos with your cloud or local PACS. You need to do click on the icon of reports that will help you to build out a report when you have implemented it.


This is not able to grasp a big amount of researches when you have a local desktop to view the stations that installed with Horos. If you’re looking for an amazing viewing solution, Horos is for you. The most fabulous thing is that being certified, Horos has a plan to staying on full free functional as an open-source item.

But, it has said about Horos that it has not built to be a part of PACS. Also, it has not made to accumulate your patients’ images. As a result, if you more file on this app, it gets much slower.