What to Know About Eating With Dentures with Ease


If you get dentures, it can be a matter of excitement. But, it’s also the time of nervousness. You’ll get a fresh set of nice, bright teeth with newfound confidence. Also, it’s a great reason to smile. They’ll get some taking used to.

Although they look good, you can be wondering. Now, the question is: Are you able to eat with dentures? If you can eat, what are they you can eat with dentures?

In this post, we’ll look for the answers to the questions you’re seeking. Also, there is some other related and useful information. So, before you look for a dental urgent care center, let’s know the things you should know about eating with dentures.

Dentures and Reasons of Wearing Them

The American College of Prosthodontists report says that about 36 million US residents miss all their teeth. Dentures are the process of removing and replacing your natural teeth.

Also, they have designed plus custom fit. You have the option to get dentures when you lose some of all of your teeth. A denturist or getting a dentist by searching “24hr emergency dentist near me performs the work of dentures.

What Are Difficult To East With Dentures?

If you’re a new denture wearer, you’ll find it challenging to eat. You have to change the way you eat something when your tongue and mouth use the new appliance. Although it takes some effort to adjust, you can eat with dentures.

How Can You Eat With Dentures

Let’s know about some steps that will help you to eat with the denture and feel normal:

Take Things Slowly

Cut them out before consuming soft foods and cut them into little pieces. Another suggestion is to decorate food in thin bands. When you kiss and chew more slowly, it is vital to use both sides of your mouth.

Bite Carefully

Use the canines (your “eye” teeth) instead of on the front teeth when you have to bite down on food (like an apple). If you bite down with your front teeth, your teeth will shift about. Your gums would be sore.

Keep Practicing

This will take some days to few weeks to eat comfortably with dentures. However, you’ll get there. When you make progress, you can start eating harder foods. The American Dental Association urges you to keep chewing simultaneously on either side of your mouth.

During this transition process, it is also a safe idea not to consume hot foods or meals with shells and sharp bones. Stop chewing gum at this time, too. So, you have to keep practicing softer foods for some days to weeks. And then you’ll be able to eat the harder food you like.

Avoid Sticky Foods

While having a meal with dentures, it’ll be your second nature before you distinguish it. And you can be able to eat your favorite foods. You should stop a few items.

Hard foods or sticky foods may harm toothpaste. Even you may want to keep away from nuts or seeds because it will get your teeth and make your mouth irritate.