What Does a Top Website Designs Company Do for You?

The role of web designer and web developer is not the same. Their role differs from many aspects. If we say in simple word, then a web designer or a top web design company involves in the visual design of a website. In this article, we’re gonna discuss the whole thing about the web designers and the web developers.


Sometimes people get mixed with a web designer and web developer, but there are some differences between them. If we say in simple word, then a web designer or a top web design company involves in the visual design of a website. These include layout, color scheme, and some other jobs that are just related to its exterior look. And he or she uses some specific software like Photoshop and Illustrator to complete the jobs. It means that this is concerned with the things that a user sees on their device. Their job is to make a good user experience using the best colors, graphics, and other essential things.

Let’s Learn a Little About Web Development

This is something different than web designing because web developers work with various codes to make your site tick. They work into two categories like front-end, which is also known as client-side and back-end. First one works to ensure how your site will look like that’s designed by a designer. And the other one works for server-side and responsible for data management. Some of their common tools to do their jobs nicely like HTML, CSS, Frameworks and many others. Actually, using these codes is the main job of the web developers.

What is the Different of These Two?

Web designer’s portfolio matters most and the employers will ask about your portfolio at Behance or Dribble. But, if you’re a web developer, they can ask you about the GIT HUB profile. As they like to see your codes, this profile shows them your coding level. It’s true that a developer works with codes, but this is the time when a designer also needs to know those. That’s why there are some similarities in their jobs.

Why Web Designer Can’t Overlook Coding Entirely?

This is the place where both of them need to have some higher level of coding knowledge. If you want to be a qualified web designer, you can’t ignore learning the code better. Also, it’s an ultimate target to make a shocking website for the users as a beautiful website creator. So, if we say it, in short, the designer is responsible to make a website attractive to its users. That’s why you should know some codes to become an artistic web designer.

What’s About the Salaries of These Two?

The average salaries of the web designers were $ 73,204 in the last year and it does usually vary of $ 62,669 to $ 83,659. But, there are many factors that make the difference in the salaries like experience. Besides, the average salaries of the web developers are somehow higher, which was $ 101,962 for last year. It also varies in the same way as web designers and the range is from $ 92,359 to $ 116,497.

Bottom Line

A top website designs company or a person who works for a company does a great job for its clients. They work to make your site beautiful because it attracts more visitors and more visitors mean you’ll get more sales of your products or services. You can’t ignore the job of web developers as they work to make your site more visible to your target audience. But whatever you are, a web designer or web developer, you can’t ignore the role of digital marketing professional to design or develop your website in a search engine friendly manner.