What Are the Best Things to Do in Pismo Beach?


Pismo beach is a peaceful central coastal place where you can discover many things that are out of your imagination. It’s the home of the biggest clam species with many amazing surf competitions. You not just can get into the beautiful coastal drive; there is also an airport to fly into.

Also, you’ll find their historic US Route 101, Margo Dodd Park, local seafood and wine, etc. If you’re planning your next trip to Pismo Beach, you’ll get lots of things to do. These include swimming, hiking, kayaking, golfing, and surfing. Besides, it is very much possible to write a separate article about romantic things to do in Pismo Beach.

Thus you’ll get a large number of amusements on this beach. Now, we’re going to share some of the best things to do in Pismo Beach that will make you another trip to this beach next time.

Strike The Waves

As all kooks are calling, it’s time to get set and strike the beach. There is a friendly break regardless of your skill levels. Its local people will not bulldog you on the beach. You’ll get padding out hundreds of yards on both sides while surfers get closer to their dock.

With less effort to grab them, there are beautiful waves. Besides, the temps of water on the beach get just about 66-degree Fahrenheit. So, you’ll feel chill out while surfing without a suitable wet suit. Also, you can visit different surfing shops to rent surging gears at cheap costs.

Trek The Preserve

There are over 900 acres of preserve coastal land in this beach that will feast your vision. Although it was protected, it has been opened for common people recently. If you’re a ranch road lover then this area is for you because there are miles of ranch roads where you can trail by bike, foot, or horseback.

Thus you can find out busy threatened species and beavers like the red-legged frog and pond turtle. Also, you can explore the Point Sal, Irish Hills, and the whole thing in between.

Get The Dunes

When you’re on the beach, you’ll not feel lack of playing Death Valley as there are giant sandboxes. You just go to the south of the downtown where you’ll find the doll deep of the Oceano Dunes. Also, there are a 5-mile long coastal sand’s waves that just die out when they get to gather with the sea.

You’ll find excellent conditions the offshore winds offer for toys of off-roads like ATVs that will help you to discover the vibrant landscape.

Hang Out with Butterflies

These monarch butterflies have the shelters in the eucalyptus trees that line up at the south side of Oceano Dunes. This is amazing scenery when you’re in this place with the blink of more than 25,000 butterflies. Their orange and black wings make a view of a graveled canopy at the Monarch Butterfly Grove of Pismo Beach.

This is one of the country’s biggest colonies, so most of the docents of grove can tell you throughout two-time seasonal talks. It’s the result of the annual migration of insects between Octobers to February as they like to avoid the harsh winter days.