What are Special Tools in Automotive?

Automotive specialty tools

Automotive specialty tools are required for the appropriate maintenance and repair of automobiles and trucks, among other things. In many cases, the tools are intended to accomplish a particular purpose, such as removing a door panel or tightening a screw. 

While some specific tools may be acquired at a local auto parts shop, others must be ordered from the manufacturer or a specialty source. Among the most often used special automotive tools are:

1. Door Panel Removal Tool

This tool is used to remove an automobile door’s door panel. It is inserted and pried out of the gap between the door panel and the frame. If you have any problem with your car door, you can remove the door panel with these removal tools. 

2. Bolt Tightener

Wrenches are necessary tools for tightening and loosening fasteners such as nuts and bolts. Wrenches are often constructed of a chrome-plated steel alloy and are long-lasting and simple to clean. 

If you need to tighten and loosen fasteners such as nuts and bolts, you can do that by bold tightened, and it is very easy to use. 

3. An O-Ring 

O ring uses for a block path that is allowed to escape liquid and gas. To secure the o ring in place, it is inserted into a groove and squeezed between two surfaces. O- ring pick is a tool for removing and installing O-rings. On one end, it has a hook, while on the other, it has a point.

Automotive specialty tool

4. Grease Gun

An electric grease gun is a handy tool for people who work with heavy gear and equipment. It is a tool for applying grease to fittings. The cannon injects a thick lubricant into machine components and may be used on light and heavy machinery.

5. An Oil Filter Wrench 

An oil filter wrench is a specialized tool for removing and replacing oil filters. Oil filters remove contaminants from motor oil and must be updated regularly to maintain the engine oil clean.

6. A Spark Plug Wrench 

A spark plug wrench is an automobile tool that aids in the removal and installation of spark plugs. It’s a T-shaped instrument with a handle on one end and a socket. The handle is used to spin the socket, which is needed to fit over the spark plug. The purpose of this tool is to loosen and tighten spark plugs.

7. Tire Pressure Gauge 

The air pressure in a vehicle’s tires is measured using a tire pressure gauge, a compact, portable equipment. Tire pressure gauges are a necessary tool for maintaining correct tire inflation, and they are reasonably affordable and simple to use.

8. A Tire Iron 

A tire iron is a tool for removing and installing tires. It’s an L-shaped instrument with a flat end and a curved end. The flat end is used to mount the tire onto the wheel, while the curved end removes the tire from the wheel.

9. Wheel Chock 

A wheel chock is a small block of wood or metal put behind the wheel to keep it from rolling away. This is extremely vital when changing a tire or working on the brakes.

Final Words 

Automotive specialty tools are utilized in the automobile sector, and you should have a better idea of them after reading this article. With this information, you can make an educated choice about whether or not to invest in specialized gear for your own car or whether to rent them.