Top 5 Insurance Companies That Provide Home Insurance in Ontario


Choosing a home insurance company is crucial. You need to seek out companies you can trust to invest in. Insurance companies are at abundance everywhere in the world. If you are looking for companies that provide home insurance in Ontario, you can check how to choose a good insurance company.

What is the average cost for home insurance in Ontario?

This information certainly doesn’t apply to people living in Ontario only, but everyone living in Canada. Many Canadians feel that their home insurances are fairly higher than the others. It’s true because an increase in weather-related claims and rebuilding costs is responsible for this surge. While homeowner insurance is expensive, renter’s insurance is cheaper. The renters only need to get coverage for personal property and liability. And the homeowners get the coverage for dwelling along with personal property and liability.

At an average, insurance companies in Canada premiums are around $900 and $850 in Quebec while British Columbia has an average of $1000.

How to verify for the best-valued home insurance quote?

Some people are devoted to the insurance companies they trust. But if insurance premiums keep increasing every year, it gets tough to stay stuck in the same company. The reason why clients look elsewhere. When looking at a free home insurance quote, looking only at the price is not your only duty. You need to see what you are paying for ie coverage. Stay away from poor coverage that would be of very little help.

What are some of the best insurance companies in Ontario?

There are plenty of insurance companies in Ontario for you to check. Presenting some of the best insurance companies.

1. Intact Financial

Intact Financial is one of Canada’s largest insurers of home insurance. It is considered one of the best insurance providers and provides the cheapest home and auto insurance in Ontario and various parts of Canada. It offers a wide range of home insurance coverage. The company has assets worth $22.991 billion.

2. Industrial Alliance

Industrial Alliance was built in 1892 and is considered the 5th biggest insurance company that provides health and life insurance coverage. It started offering home insurance in 1973 with 3 types of coverage. They have served more than 3 million Canadians to this day. Its asset amounts to $57.050 billion.

3. The Co-operators

The Co-operators has assets of $14.541 billion and ranks high in customer satisfaction in the Atlantic/Ontario region. The company provides homeowners with an assorted selection of insurance coverage to choose from. They also provide auto insurance at a great rate.

4. Wawanesa Mutual Insurance

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance company is a famous company in the entire Canada. It offers insurance coverage for homes, mobile homes, condos, and tenant insurance. It has collected $7.977 billion of assets.

5. Portage Mutual Insurance

According to the 2017 home insurance study, the company emerged to be one of the 3 best insurance companies with a higher number of customer satisfaction ratings. Portage Mutual Insurance started its journey from 1884 and is still going on very strong in the insurance game. It has been ranked the highest in the Western Region. It offers up to $2 million in liability, home business coverages, overland water endorsement, and sewer back-up coverage.

There you go, 5 top home insurances in Ontario. If you are interested check out their websites to request a quote. Also, make sure you keep a tab on which companies provide better home insurance coverage rather than counting the money.