Tips to Stock Useful & Essential Portable Bar Accessories


    You have a portable bar. It is now time to store it with the required equipment. We also compiled a list of important portable bar equipment that you will have to operate from your portable bar with a full service bar.

    There are general concerns about buying a bar package in everybody’s head. Now, let’s look up for the answers to these questions and find the worthy portable bar accessories for you.

    Cocktail Shaker

    Two main shakers are to be placed in your handy bar: the shaker and the shaker from Boston. The Cobbler Shaker is the fundamental shaker used by most amateur bartenders. It’s a mixing metal tin, an embedded strut and a little metal cap that covers the strut when shocked.

    Usually, the Boston Shaker is more professional but harder for the beginner. It is made up of a metal mixer bigger than the paint shaker and a Boston tin.

    It takes a little preparation, since before shaking the pinting glass must be closely screened within the metal mixing glass. You should make the right decision whether you are a licensed bartender or you are to hire professional bar tenders. Besides you should also look for travel bartender kit for your bar.


    There are two basic kinds of cocktails, the Hawthorne and the Julep, similar to cocktail shakers. Hawthorne Strainer – The most well known and commonly used strainer is the Hawthorne strainer.

    It is intended to be used with a Boston shaker’s blending tin and has spools built in to process the ice. Instead of shaking liquids, the Julep strainer is made for stirring.

    It was particularly developed for mint julep, although it is now used for various agitated beverages. The Julep strainer is definitely not required, unless you have a particular need for it.

    Cutting Board

    Choose a cutting table to prepare the beverage garnishes. Wash daily to make sure you have the berries, herb and other potential garnishes. And if it shouldn’t be a problem at a portable grill, make sure that you don’t cook meat on the same cutting board.

    A good sharp paring knife is a piece of vital portable bar appliance to prepare your garnishes, if possible by chopping, peeling or twisting.

    Steel Jigger

    A jigger is the perfect way to check your drink preparation and make sure you have the right ratios. For cost and quality management, this is critical as well.

    Since a group of bartenders say they are “managed” by a jigger, it is both the safest way to monitor their inventory and ensure that the customer knows he gets what it paid for.


    Ensure you get a corkscrew in your hip while you serve wine. The winged corkscrew and waiter’s corkscrew are the two most common models. Both perform really well and the person of which you can use is simply personal preference.

    As the corkscrew is a compact bar equipment, a bottle opener is a must-have. They’re obtainable in a large range of models. Choose one which is designed for industrial use and will not frustrate a busy bartender.