Tips to Recycle & Reuse Your Christmas Trees


You might be familiar with the song “O Christmas Tree…”, but when the season of Christmas ends, it’s time to remove the Tannenbaum. You can keep your Christmas tree still live on while taking out its tinsel and ornaments. It’s possible to keep it away to use in the next year regardless of your tree is artificial or real.

We’re here with some useful tips that will help you to reuse and recycle your Christmas tree. While going through these tips, you can avoid spending money on hiring a junk removal Bronx NY company. As a result, keep reading and get some ways to deal with your Christmas tree in some eco-friendly ways and without hiring any junk removal Staten Island NY services.

Reusing The Christmas Tree

The average lifetime of a synthetic Christmas tree is equal to ten years, which is similar to your mattress. They can occasionally be tricky to salvage and are terrible for the surroundings when landfilled. That’s why artificial Christmas trees need to be reused as long as possible.

Giving it away is one of the best ways to reuse your artificial Christmas trees. First off, you can offer them to your family, friends, members, or charities. When first bought and is still in outstanding condition, you can sell it if they’re a premium tree. Even, you’ll be able to use them for crafts if you’re one of the artsy types of people.

You can make their branches into wreaths with DIY and other grand Christmas decorations conditional on the category and age of trees. When you’re unable to get some good ideas on YouTube, you should go off the useful way. In this case, you need to cut up the branches of the trees to use it as a garland or wreath. 

No matter you believe it or not, a lot of ways out there to make good reuse of your old Christmas trees. We’re here with some of them. For example, if you’re living near a water body then throws their branches in then it that will be a good shelter for the fishes.

If it’s a pine, it dries quickly and decomposes gradually. It’s the perfect place for mulch that’s resistant to mold and dry. But, in case of being a gardener, you may cut the trunk in some pieces to make edging to prevent them from getting frost and snow.

Recycling Of Christmas Trees

As real Christmas trees are recyclable, you can recycle them for many purposes like mulching. Most municipalities and cities have their program of recycling live Christmas trees. It’s because they have cut into wood chips that help them for better landscaping in public areas like parks. 

Also, they can collect these trees during their pickup schedules if you have a regular pickup service for recycling. Ensure to discuss with the collector regarding any of their special requirements for size, tinsel, ornaments, flocking, etc. But, if you don’t have this pickup facility, you need to haul the trees to some local recycling centers and drop them off there.