Tips to Prepare Your Ultimate Spa Basket


The ultimate spa basket is ultimate because it is put together by you. It should not be something ready-made that you can buy directly from a shop.

Creating your own spa gift set leaves you with options to add or remove anything however you want. Here are some tips to prepare your ultimate spa basket.

#1 Gather Your Supplies

Buy the kinds of goodies that you would like to add to the ultimate spa basket.

Here are some recommendations from us:

  • Blackhead removers
  • Steamers
  • Facial wands
  • Facial serums
  • Vitamin-C oil
  • Cleansing brushes
  • Jade roller
  • Eye masks
  • Facial toner
  • Microdermabrasion kits

Remember, these are only suggestions. Your use case, need, or budget may be different. So, choose accordingly.

#2 Buy the Right Basket

To start, you want your spa package to have the right basket. You do not want a disrupted spa day only because you cannot find your things. To divide products by type, search for a basket with several compartments.

  • Think of what you’re going to have in your spa set before choosing your basket. Try to divide the items by category so that you have a feeling about how many different compartments you may require.
  • Pick a basket that’s large enough to easily carry all your pieces. To have to search for things that are packed into a basket can be overwhelming.

#3 Color Co-ordination

Color matching may be seasonal or linked to a case, such as an impending infant, or the recipient’s favorite colors. If you send the basket in fall, for example, use orange-colored pieces, even add orange and gold flowers to go with them. Use cool colors such as blue or white whether it is shipped during winter.

#4 Neat & Clean

Within the basket, put all the other things you’ve bought so they look good and tidy. This can take some rearrangement until it looks accurate here and there, but the basics are:

  • Biggest things on the “back”
  • Smallest goods in the “front”
  • The other things are placed in between, ranging from small to large sizes.
  • The most important items should be the first ones to see

#5 Add Towel

You deserve to be able to get nice, high-quality towels to pamper yourself. For your package, pick better towels. If it’s within your reach, splurge at a nearby department store on towels of better quality. In your spa bag, you can even look for soft washcloths.

Think more about paint and lighting. With a pretty design, select towels in an elegant hue. Attractive products will assist you to pamper yourself more.

#6 Basic Bath Items 

If you’re having a spa day at home, having everything you need in your kit can be a great touch. This way, when having a relaxing bath or shower at home, you will not be searching for things.

Don’t forget to include basic bathroom products such as razors, nail clippers, shampoos, and washes for the body. Go for travel-sized versions of your daily bathroom goods if you don’t want to fill up too much space for everyday things in your kit. You can also look for “spa bath gift set” for having a spa day at home.