Tips to Make Amazing Travel Videos for Travel Business


This is the time when you don’t need very expensive tools to make outstanding videos. It’s because you have devices like smartphones that can record 4k video footage. Also, you can connect them to other devices that stabilize your video clips for you while making them attractive and cinematic.

Travel videos play a big role in digital marketing for travel and tourism to entice more clients to your business. This is why we’re going to share some essential tips that will help you in many ways when it comes to travel video making.

However, if you afford to hire a professional video recorder then you’re all set and free of stress. If you don’t then you should simply follow us to know what to do regarding the digital marketing plan for travel agency. Let’s know them below:

Plan Ahead

Before you start creating a travel video, you should initially determine why you’re going to make it. That means you have to identify whether the video is to make for social media to promote your desired destination to the product.

Or, you’re making it for ‘itinerary video’ to promote a product/service page to emphasize the experience you stuff. Also, consider the goal of the end of making the video.

Essentially, think about what you like to create and what result will imply success. Moreover, don’t forget to keep your target audience in mind and the way you’ll target them.

Prepare Your Team

Ensure your team members are familiar with what you’re going to that will help you to minimize mistakes and avoid using more time. So, you’ll have to allow them enough time to get well prepared. It’s because this is the issue that everyone is not prepared to work in front of or behind the camera.

Also, they don’t have enough time to read the scripts, so give them q-cards or notes to make it more natural. You can find it as cold and disingenuous with the videos that are visibly scripted.

Take Enough Footage

If you make a social ad of 60 seconds, you’ll have to get footage of 5 minutes. It’ll give you enough room to get a suitable clip and better editing stage. Also, you’ll be able to make a bigger bank of recording for soon after use. Consider cut off shots of your experience and destination.

Your audio may continue when another recording is showing if you’re conversing with your camera. Moreover, you can mix up visual items to make the video more attractive and dynamic to keep your audience more engaged.

Shoot in Landscape

Shoot the whole thing in the landscape. You know that you’ll be able to film in representation but it has a limit to your recording to particular platforms because of the coming on of different social media accounts.

You can trim your recording with the majority of editing apps to go with the preferred platform like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram stories and posts if you’re taking footage in 4k.

Some other tips are including keep the recording for a long time, use thirds rule, get multiple takes, and use straight cuts with simple transitions.