Tips to Design More Accessible Websites Using WordPress


You know well about the term “accessibility” that we have mentioned in the title as a web designer. That’s a beautiful term, and this industry needs to be very aware of ensuring a website more accessible.

Indeed, some countries like the United States don’t contain translucent laws related to accessibility. But, they have lots of clear guidelines for applying it regardless of the web design agency or freelancer.

You can’t snap your fingers to make the whole thing accessible instantly. However, some common actions are out there you can take.

What you can do to make your website more affordable while making it on WordPress is below:

Using/Building Easy Accessible Theme

Getting a suitable theme is something more than fancy features or looks. Accessibility needs to bake from the beginning because it offers the external face for the way users work together with their websites.

If you make any wrong choice here, it’s similar to making a good-looking home with a defective foundation. When you make your theme, its building method is a bit easier. You can apply just the features that you want and check as you’re not dependent on another developer.

But, it may take some additional researches for those searching for commercial or free themes. So, you’ll have to try to find themes that are to easy to access.

The issue of this is that many themes are out there they don’t have mentioned whether they’re easy to use. So, you should ensure it before you employ anyone of them on your site.

Determining The Effects of Plugins

Plugins of WordPress are a vast area where you should pay more attention. Some of them will simply adopt the CSS of themes, but some others will add their special markup. It may vary on the quality as well as accessibility among these two different CSS of the theme.

That means the incorrect plugin can cause unintentional issues even though you get a theme that has the best practices. For instance, if you use a plugin for page builder, it can add lots of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in your theme.

But, when it can’t build with ease of use in mind, it may be an issue. However, it prefers any plugin with injecting its markup. That’s why it’s vital to determine the effects of these plugins.

Making Small Enhancements

Most likely, the significant, all-inclusive changes are not intended for happening. So, search for smaller things you may change without lots of trouble. For example, it’ll deliver a clean look with allowing your ideas to consume more efficiently to increase its font size as well as the line spacing.

It might be the same for its colors, and some other possibilities also may take place. These include images can get evocative ALT text, and hyperlinks get a: focus position defined.

Likewise, loads of small changes may add up for the best user experience, stated by a top website design Long Island professional. But, they’ll help you to design websites with more accessibility while using the WordPress platform.