Tips to Clean Your Couch in Easy and Effective Way

You probably don’t like to remember those uncomfortable, cold, noisy, and plastic furnishing covers of couches of your grandma’s time. But, it’s not a bad idea to give them a new look as they’re not useful in these days. Usually, everybody likes to get their furnishings, mainly couches, to be comfortable, look great, and functional.

But, there are loads of abuses happen with couches daily. These include kids think them trampoline, people and their pets nap in center of them, and sometimes use like their dining table. It means that couches need regular and well cleaning treatment than other furniture in your house.

You have the option to contact some Austin junk pickup companies to accomplish your tasks. But, there are some easy tasks that you can do your own. So, before you call some junk removal Dade County service providers, take a look at the below tips.

Use Vacuum Regularly

Apart from pet hair and crumbs, you’ll find dirt and debris on and under your couch cushions. The first and foremost thing that you must do is to use your vacuum regular basis. Also, use the attached brush and crevice so that you can touch and take out dirt from all crannies and nook.

Use the vacuum on both sides of your cushion and it’s better to use an attachment for pet hair removal. Or, there is a lint roller that cleans up faster pet hair. Also, you can use vacuum other way using baking soda. It works wonderfully on the couches like kitchen cleaning.

The process is that simply sprinkle baking soda over your cushions and keeps them for 20 minutes. Then vacuum over them using brush attachments. It helps you removing both odors and grime.

Understand Your Fabric

As the present upholstery has made from fabric, they need special methods to clean. For example, some need dry cleaning and some others go another way. So, it’s very vital to know your fabric before you clean it. If you notice the tag labels back of your fabric, you’ll find the details of the fabric along with washing instructions.

Deal with The Stains

You know that cleaning a couch means removing the stain from it. If it supports your fabric, you can use commercial chemicals that are available on the market to remove stains. But, when you don’t find the appropriate one for your fabric, just try to clean them by using some home remedies.

You need for your fabric upholstery, 3/4 cup water, 1/4 cup vinegar, and one tbsp of dish soap to make a mixture in a spray bottle. Use the liquid over the couch or cushions and scrub over them with a soft cloth. But, if the fabric is synthetics, use a half tbsp of soap.

In case of leather couches, you’ll get the best result using a mixture of 1/4 cup vinegar and a half cup of olive oil. Hopefully, if you follow the above-said methods, you’ll get rid of unwanted spots or dirt from your couches and cushions.