Tips To Clean and Protect Your Velvet Shoes with Ease

Is anything out there to make you feel fabulous and stunning velvet shoes? Its opulence and glamour are making it feel like a million bucks. This happens when you step beyond the taxi for the next event. As far as you discern what you are cleaning and doing, velvet shoes may seem like a mission.

It doesn’t require being not easy in any way! One of the durable materials is velvet. And with the TLC, it’s easy to keep your velvet shoes in tip-top condition for years.

Just consider the whole velvet things in thrift stores. But, you can keep your velvet shoes clean and protected with ease. So, before you look for the best lace up shoes, let’s know about some tips regarding this issue.

Select the Events

Of course, it is occasionally inevitable that you wear your velvet shoes in rain, dirt, and snow. But, you’re undoubtedly thankful if you can avoid these cases! If you have to walk out in the rain, take care to carry the best loafer for men or other shoes in a plastic bag.

And change them on arriving at the site and only attempt to wear them indoors to avoid splashes, water, or filth. Suppose you can’t escape your favorite footwear disaster, these best techniques. They can help minimize any damage and make your shoes seem fresh quickly.

Removing Dirt

When your velvet shoes get some dirt or mud, don’t panic! Generally, you should be in a position to brush off the mud with a soft brush.

This is if you let the shoes dry out (dry mud is much easy to remove than wet). Avoid the desire to scrub. This forces the dirt into the pile of the cloth and always brushes with the grain.

Taking Out Water & Other Liquids

Water in velvet is a nightmare. So, your velvet shoes have wet and you want to play quickly. Blotting the fabric straight immediately with a microfiber cloth is the best thing to do. Remember to pin the fabric back carefully once you have done so.

Removing Stains

Unluckily, stains that cannot be removed by blotting or brushing sometimes happen on your velvet shoes. In this case, you may easily and efficiently clean with either a liquid for dishwashing or plain soda/limiting solution. Just combine any solution until you have enough suds.

And then, use an old toothbrush or soft brush to scrape the suds to the material gently. The use of suds instead of liquid will assist in decreasing the quantity of liquid in the shoes. So, the velvet wet doesn’t get as wet as possible.


It’s like so many things while cleaning and maintaining your sweet shoes. Prevention is always better than cure. When you first get your shoes out of the case, remember to treat them every 6/8 wear to keep them looking their best.

And always buy in a protective spray. It is a good idea that the protection spray should first be tested on a small tiny area to confirm. It’s the material that has not been damaged or discolored and three times confirm that the spray is velvet safe before spraying!