Tips for the Adult Beginners about Skateboarding


You may think it is tough to buy the first skateboard and skateboard helmets for adult to make it the right choice. But, it’s not in reality. It’s because it comes with different wheels, sizes, and trucks. That’s why this may make you confused easily. When you get more options, things become harder to choose from. It’s like the paradox of choice.

A few basics are out there that you need to stick to while buying your first adult skateboard. Also, it’s vital to know the anatomy of the skateboard before you go into its related tips. It’ll be helpful for you when you completely lose its different parts.

Moreover, don’t forget that many old skaters are out there; you’re not a single one. So, before you look for skateboard helmets for kids, let’s know some about the adult beginners about skateboarding.

This Is All About Balance & Stability

We’re going to start with a common tip. It’s all about finding the balance when it comes to skateboarding. I may feel the differences between a narrow skateboard and a wider one. I feel better confident with a wider deck of the skateboard.

But, somebody can argue that it’s an individual choice. If you’re a beginner, I suggest you go with an 8.5-inch. When you are a new skateboarder, you’ll get more stability from a wider deck. But, you can go with a narrower one if you’re familiar with the basics.

It’s because if you get a wider board, it’ll not pop or flip with ease like a narrow one. Although you’re a god with an 8-ich deck, avoid thinking much more about it. Just ensure that the trucks you choose fit the size of the deck.

Avoid Thinking Much More about Deck’s Length

This is not a big matter. You can take a regular deck and move with it. Smaller and medium decks are usually for kids, but it’s not very necessary. You need to go with its regular size if you don’t have to get a full split to put your feet on its bolts.

If you like to get a longer board, you have to go with a longboard, not a regular skateboard. Also, it’s not a post about longboards.

Choosing the Right Width

It’s vital to choose the right width if you’re a beginner. As I already mentioned, you’ll get more stability from a wider deck. It’s essential for the beginners that you’ll need as you kick start. It doesn’t mean that you’re unable to learn skateboarding using a smaller deck.

My personal preference is wider decks because of their more stable feeling. It gives a bit more stability than an 8-inch if you’re not sure it goes with an 8.25-inch. However, you’re not heading to kickflips anytime in a little while.

When you decide to buy one, the fact is you’ll most likely use an 8-inch. As I told already, I like to use a wider board because they preferred more balance. They’ll give you more stability and balance than the smaller decks. This way, I try to keep away from injuries as probably being an older skateboarder myself.