Things You Should Know About Automotive Antennas


So your car antenna is broken or not working and you need to replace it. So what do you replace it with? Well, you can replace it with OEM antennas which will be the same model as the one that needs replacement. Or, you can go for an aftermarket option. Unlike most car parts factory automotive antennas aren’t any better than aftermarket ones. They function the same. So, what you buy is purely your wish.

However, one thing is for sure OEM antennas are more expensive than aftermarket ones. There are some things to consider when getting a replacement. Based on what model your car is and how old it is you may find it difficult to get your hands on a replacement. But not to worry, there are plenty of alternative choices around. So, before diving into the market for a car antenna here are some things you should know.

Choosing A Replacement Car Antenna

So the first thing to make sure in this process is to be a hundred percent sure that you need an antenna replacement. So, what do you do? You check the cable that connects the antenna to the head unit. If you see that the antenna isn’t fitted properly in the head unit or if you see that it is corroded take care of that issue first. You can also do another test. You can try tuning a radio station while doing that try moving the antenna. 

If the antenna moves around a lot, then there is a problem. This can affect your signal reception. If this happens you may easily be able to fix it by simply tightening the mast to the assembly. However, if you find that the mast is broken or parts of it have rust, corrosion, or other damage then you may need to replace the part. Sometimes you will see that there is nothing really wrong with the part but you are still receiving bad signals. Then you can look up reception enhancing tools to boost the signal. 

Replacement Antennas

One of the most common and the easiest to fix issue is the broken mast issue. Some if not most antenna masts are screwed on to the antenna assembly. This part is pretty easy to steal and this is one of the biggest reason why you may need the replacement. The other issue that is prominent is that over time the mast gets loose. Do the tests previously mention? If you see that it is simply loose and nothing else has happened, then just tighten it back to the assembly. 

It is pretty simple to do. However, if you discover that the assembly has got rust corrosion or damage then there are things to do. At that moment you need to contact your local dealer to see if you can locate the OEM mast. This will be a direct fit for the assembly and there will be no additional hassle. Check for prices and types of antennas as well. Make sure you know what you are getting is the right one. You can also find OEM parts online. If you are like me then you can go to parts price comparison sites like AutopartZ. 

You can find the best price along with the OEM guarantee. Then you can simply order it from your couch and have it delivered right to your doorstep. If you don’t want to splurge a lot on this, then you can go for aftermarket antennas. You can find many universal antennas that fit almost every model imaginable. They serve just as good as the OEMs at a lesser price, to be honest. 

Whatever part you decide to get is completely up to you. You should do some research before making the decision to replace your car’s antenna. Find whatever fits your need the best and then go for the purchase. Replacement process for car antennas is pretty simple. You can easily do it on your own and save some money and time. If you want to save some more time and money, then you can order online. I do it all the time.