Things You Should Know About a Portable Air Purifier


With the change of the seasons, people spend their time at home together with their family. It’s the question of an air cleaner gives you an additional protection layer against coronavirus.

And is it possible to remove the virus from the air while using the air purifier? Also, you can remember how hard time it was to buy Lysol and hand sanitizer. At that time, there were not loads of people stockpiling portable air purifiers?

But doctors and engineers say that this device can play a vital role in protecting you and your family from coronavirus infection. It’s especially because people are spending more time indoors and outdoor air temperatures get down in the Northern Hemisphere.

Size of Air Purifier You Need

To find the correct size of air purifier, think about your room’s square footage that needs to purify. You might have asthma or allergies and look for a portable air cleaner to manage them.

You have to think about the air change per hour (ACH) rate of an air purifier. Also, it refers to its number of times this air purifier may filter the whole air each hour in its treatment space.

The Way to Use an Air Purifier

It indeed depends on the individual situation. Usually, you have to put the device near the person you want to evade the germs. For example, it might be the bedroom of the coronavirus or asthma patient.

A researcher who works in nursing and care homes tested it for her and her husband to use an air cleaner in their guest room plus downstairs. Also, they’re wearing masks and keeping the windows open. Moreover, they have added a fan in the guest room to blow out air outwards.

Some Other Ways to Improve Air Flow in the Home

Afar of using an air cleaner, the expert says that it’s great to open your windows. It’ll let external air in and thin its indoor air. She also said when there is very still outside.

But, you can’t get lots of airflows, they recommend getting a smaller fan to blow the air from the indoor outsides. And you don’t like to spend lots of cash on an air purifier. So, you should get a HEPA filter to a normal box fan to make a DIY air purifier.

Bottom line

In addition to the expense at the outset, the cost of new filters and the resources to remember is the only drawback to an individual air cleaning system. Think about it as a tool for health insurance, Allen says, when you start buying. And a note to clear chemical materials, allergens, and dust from personalized air purifiers.

For Karan, it is easy for many people who are not totally alone to measure even without randomized controlled experiments to show that portable air cleaners avoid COVID-19.

“Possible gains are higher than the cost at this point,” he says. “If tests later show to be working on air purifiers and they could have had an effect, you won’t say I might have gotten it.’