Shoe Trends: Top Shoes in 2021 for You

There is no such thing as having too many shoes. And some people will religiously follow the latest trends. This year’s footwear trends are already showing some really fun and exciting trends.

While comfortable shoes are important, you don’t want to be hitting the town in ugly old shoes. When shoe styles may not change dramatically, there will be some that are unmistakably eye-catching.

Here are some of the most fashionable shoe trends for 2021. Hopefully, you recognize yourself in a few of them. So, before you look for the best luxury shoes men’s, let’s know the shoe trends in 2021.


Glance around the next time you’re out walking in the city, and you’ll notice a lot of bling on shoes. Chain details are big in 2021, and you’ll see them on boots, sandals, loafers/espadrilles, and pretty much any other type of shoe.

This fashionable detail could wrap around the ankles or simply ad to the front of the shoes. The simple message is that if you have a chain detail on your shoes, you’re ready for 2021.

Sharp Knee-High Stiletto Boots

Knee-high boots are always popular when the weather is cool, but stiletto boots with pointy toes are the big hit for 2021. The Jimmy Choo Mavis boot was the must-have boot this winter.

And it appears that other labels will follow suit in the run-up to spring. We’re likely to continue wearing the knee-high pointy boots into the fall and even into winter this year. They go well with tight pants, jeans, and skirts, so if you don’t have a pair, now is the time to get some.

The Square Toe Is Back

The square-toed shoe, like many other fashion trends, comes and goes. It’s making a comeback for all shoe types in 2021. The square toe will undoubtedly be seen on sandals this spring and summer.

But, until then, it will be seen on boots. One advantage of square-toed shoes is that they are among the more comfortable styles. This is because they do not squash all of your toes together. Let’s hope this trend continues for a while.

Set Tall On Platforms

Everyone wore platform heels in the 1970s. Some smaller platforms have appeared over the years. But, none have been as daring as those expected in 2021.

This year’s platforms are astronomical in height and can be found in everything from boots to sandals to the humble flip-flop. This is a 2021 trend that will undoubtedly be a hit, propelling us to heights we never thought possible.

Sport the Athletic Look

Comfort has associated with sandals, sneakers, loafers, and boots. The year 2021 is shaping up to be the year of comfort footwear. It’s with the sporty or athletic look dominating in designer shoes. Cushioned soles, Velcro, and high-tech materials are all the rage in the best footwear for men.

So, you can finally wear comfortable shoes to those fancy events. Wear them with casual suits, shorts, and jeans, as theme park shoes, or with dresses and skirts for the ladies. With edgy-looking sneakers and sporty sandals, comfort is finally fashionable.