Practical Tips to Repair Your Window Screen With Ease


It is common to damage a window screen in any house or in your concrete seawall construction. Also, the possibility of door and window is quite similar. Therefore, it is not a very daunting job to fix or repair the screen of the window. Mostly, vinyl mesh or the metal screen frame hold together on a vinyl materials cord named spline.

So, the window can be moveable due to the spline’s running through the window’s channel. If you want to displace the window screen, you need to pick out a spline with the window’s screen. Then, return the screen and keep it on spline before with a bit of pressure.

You will find some tips and a small tool to make this method comfortable for you. Alternatively, sometimes you can repair without replacing the whole screen if the injured part is small. To do this, you need to use a stitch or patch.

Also, you can make a homemade patch to repair the screen for an instant solution. You will replace it will depend on the window’s damaged part’s size and how one wants to see the screen after fixing it. So, before you look for concrete seawall repair, let’s know window repairing tips. 

Step One – Take Away the Old or Damage Screen

Keep the screen or door frame on the flat surface smoothly where the spline faces upward. Then, observe each corner to find out the end part of a spline. Then, remove the spline of the channel by using a screwdriver or similar tool.

After that, pull out the whole perimeter spline by your hand easily. Finally, take away the screen or detach the screen of your frame slowly.

Step Two – Measure and Cut Accordingly the New One

Keep the new screen on the frame to cover. Then, cut the new screen utilizing scissors and make sure it extends 1 or 2 inches around the frame.

Step Three – Pre-crease an Aluminum Screen (Not required for fiberglass screen)

Only the Aluminum screen needs to be pre-created before the final installment. First, gently push the screen in the frame of the channel using one spline roller. Then, identify the tapered wheel and use it to crease an aluminum screen.

Always keep in mind that the working surface must be flat; otherwise may cause damage. After maintaining pressure on the wheel, smoothly create the channels and make it more in-depth with the spline roller’s second wheel.

Step Four- Installment of the Spline

Take one end part of a spline and press after putting it over the channel, do not forget to start from the edge of the screen frame. For the new spline, make it around the perimeter and cut it at the end.

Then, fix the channel’s spline as like it wholly fitted in the frame channel using the spline grooved wheel. The end part of one side turns it perpendicular and smoothly presses into the channel frame.

Therefore, it operates the screen tightly as well as builds strength inside the structure. Similarly, complete the four sides of the frame utilizing the same procedure. Finally, the new screen is ready to fit in the desired place.