Must-Read Blogs About Vintage & Antique Jewelry


There is ablaze of blogs on the web. When you search, you’ll find hundreds of them for something. But, while you’re looking for getting delighted in these treasures from its past, you’ll find a faster and slim choice. It especially happens when it comes to the top edge of the industry.

This is why we have delved very deep so we can get the most excellent of the web that is talking about the jewelry industry. No matter you go through jewelry store Santa Barbara or somewhere else, if you read these blogs, they’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest information.

Apart from vintage and antique jewelry for engagement rings in Santa Barbara, the blogs also talk about current jewelry trends with many more related issues. If you like to know more about it, just continue reading.

Why You Should Read These Blogs

We’re here with some top jewelry blogs. These must read blogs talk about vintage and antique jewelry. Also, they talk about the recent fashion trends that will help you to know and follow the current lifestyle. They especially focus on old gems, DIY projects, and jewelry plus fashion for your home goods.

That’s why these blogs are very special for antique and vintage collectors and smart people. For these reasons, each of the blogs considers as the Mecca of antique/vintage design idea. Besides, some of them are ecommerce ready. As a result, it might be yours the chance of discovering the old bauble.

Sweet & Spark

The blog has been founded with the belief of they not just make the jewelry at the process they like to use. Also, it meant to wear the vintage accessories with the wind in current times. You might be working with clothing, home décor, and accessories of vintage plus antique items. If you do it for your daily lifestyle, this blog is a must-follow one for you to go with.

Miss Mustard Seed

It’s a welcoming blog and its the writer is a painting designer who is also a full-time old-fashioned items enthusiast. This quaint site of Marian has filled with different tips on loads of “how-to” contents. It has a mixture of old and new-fashioned stuff that help you to craft your home inviting and unique.

If you read the “Miss Mustard Seed” carefully, you’ll get some ways to incorporate with everything. For example, it lets you integrate the whole lot from vintage items to antique furnishings into a sweet home.

Atlantis Home

This is a Texas-based antique & vintage jewelry blog. The pessimistic style blog of Jane Aldridge that’s as large as the state is. When it comes to the premium antique décor, Ms. Aldridge is its OG. She has made this blog to jointly protect the gorgeous advancement of her fashion.

Also, she is preserving the images of her home and the textiles she collected when she traveled since 2010. Atlantis Home is a blog with an attractive memory of a delicately curated life from fashion, jewelry and accessories to home items.