Mountain Hike: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


It is fantastic to see the bird eyes views from the top of a mountain, and it breathtaking. Also, Hiking offers a great workout and fresh air.

Therefore, these all represent hiking and how to get close to nature. Now, you are going to have the guideline for a safe hiking experience. So, before you look for the best hiking gear, let’s read on.

Plan and Preparation for Mountain Hiking

The first and vital tip for hiking is to set the expectation. So, it would help if you estimated the speed, which means how far you can complete in a specific time. Mostly, people hike around 1 to 2 miles per hour if the track is good enough.

You have to calculate the hiking time so that one can get enough time for the top. So, one can take a rest and enjoy the view from the peak of the mountain. After that, you need to return before dark.

Also, you have to consider the weather status to set back before any bad weather. Depending on the track, whether rocky, slippery or not, you can calculate tracking time. The uphill calculator can give you a good estimation time for hiking.

Plan on Computer for Hiking

You can use some online software like GPS Visualizer and Gaia GPS to map your hiking. After that, transfer that plan to your hiking GPS. Therefore, you will be getting control of your position in real-time. Also, you can make a notification for eating. One will sweat, and it would be hard work.

So, it would help if you had the mental preparation as well. Most people lose appetite at high altitude, so you need to work according to your set plan. Maintaining the water content in your body is very important. So, taking a lot of water can make you hydrated and energized during the hiking mountain.

Mountain Weather

To check the mountain weather is a must before hiking the mountain. Also, the present-day weather may change compared to 7 days ago predictions. Therefore, a real-time weather check is also needed. At the same time, you need to consider some critical issues like wind and height ratios.

Mostly, there is a tree line of 5000 feet in height. So, if you plan to hike over the tree file limit, then the weather would be more robust. Similarly, the temperature will decrease around 5 degrees each 1000 feet above. Based on this estimation, you should set the plan to avoid the strike of bad weather.

Hike Mountain during Winter

If you do not have hiking ice and snow experience, then do not plan for hiking in winter. Mostly, the mountain has extreme conditions during the winter season.

Most importantly, your life is valuable than your experience and desire. Therefore, take some time, make the plan and fit yourself by doing exercise. So, hit a goal and enjoy your hiking other than winter.

Mountain Hiking Gear

There are many essential hiking gears for you to feel good experience from hiking like a puffy jacket. But you may think about the weight of the puffy jacket! It is lightweight. Also, it would be a protection layer for wind and temperature. At the same time, it allows reducing the sweating during the warm condition.