Most Excellent Ways to Send Money Worldwide

You have access to using a bank where there are savings and checking accounts. It helps you to perform the international money transfer. Or, you have the option to open an account along with different companies that work in sending money.

These include MoneyGram, Western Union, PayPal, TransferWise, Xoom, and Paysend. The transfer fees for overseas money transfer may add together quickly. For instance, PNC Bank of Pittsburg charges $45 for overseas wire transfers.

Also, it’s the same when you send money to some other countries. You can send a minimum of $100 as a wire transfer. Let’s know about some of the best online money transfer organizations to send money worldwide.

Western Union

This money transfer is the best for you if you have a friend or family member to get money cash. This company works with over 2 hundred countries in 0.5 million locations. The fees of this company are comparable with other competitors.

Also, it’s the markup ranges of the exchange rate from 1% to 6%. This markup ranges depend on the destination and currencies. It means that their amount limits also vary from one country to another.

If you like to transfer funds by card or cash, it’s possible to make a same-day fund transfer. It’s one of the leading money transfer services that offer many things than its competitors.


It’s the second-largest company for online fund transfer. It competes with the previous one, Western Union money transfer. Like the previous one, MoneyGram also serves more than 2 hundred countries along with more than 0.35 million locations.

This one is very convenient when you like to get cash. You can indeed send money from your account at a lower cost. But, you have to pay about 3% of fees while going through other methods like MoneyGram.

That means it charges almost similar fees that some other leading companies do. It’s also possible to make a same-day fund transfer if you like to transfer funds by card or cash.


Using PayPal is great if you give money to an individual with a PayPal account as well. If you have to transfer cash to an individual’s bank account, think Xoom, which PayPal bought.

The cost is 5%, with a nominal fee of 99 cents and a maximal of $4.99, for transferring money from your PayPal balance or bank account. If a debit or credit card is used, the charge is 5%, plus 2.9% and a flat fee on the currency.


You have option to send money to nearly 160 countries via Xoom and Paypal, the same organization that also owns Venmo. The fee for the conversion of all sums into bank accounts is $5.99. The currency rise is 1% to 3% more than the medium-sized price.


This is one of the top currencies, and you can transfer money from US banks in more than 20 currencies and more than 70 nations. Debit or credit card payments may be available within a few minutes, but one to three business days are required for bank transfer.