Keepabit Review: Ethereum as a Better Bitcoin Alternative

Ethereum as a Better Bitcoin Alternative by Successtaff

When you head to the website of Keepabit, you will see two alternatives to buy Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum. While there are other forms of cryptocurrencies, these two always make the headlines for a reason.

As you enter the world of crypto traders, the first thing you will ask yourself about the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s quite a maze, right?

Let’s make it simple for you. You can think of Ethereum and Bitcoin as the Apple and Microsoft of the Crypto world. However, unlike Microsoft and Apple, these two are quite different. The objectives of mining them are also very different.

Etherium is not precisely a cryptocurrency. In fact, it’s the opposite.

First, we have to understand that there are two kinds of digital coins. First, there are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash, etc. Second, there are tokens such as Ethereum, Blockstack, Storj, Filecoin, etc.

This article is a Keep a bit review which also points out the differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum trading and explains which one is better.

Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin

To establish them for a genuinely universal currency, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are competing against existing money and gold.

Bitcoin wants to establish itself as:

  • A global currency that enables people to own their own capital (without having to rely on national banks). 
  • Providing lower payments around regional borders for the transferring of capital. 
  • Providing financial security for citizens living in countries with currencies that are unpredictable. For example, the currency of Venezuela reached an 800 percent inflation rate in 2016. Furthermore, there is no access to banking or restricted access for two-thirds of the existing global population; Bitcoin is changing that.

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Token – Ethereum

Ethereum does the same thing as Bitcoin but for contracts instead of money. The innovation of Ethereum is that it makes it possible for you to write Smart Contracts: basically, any digital agreement where you can say “if this” happens, then “something else” happens.

  • My vote will be official when I vote in the election, and no one can vote like me.
  • If I sign this contract with my signature, then I’m the owner of the vehicle, and you no longer own the car.
  • Up to now, we have carried out these arrangements with a signature at the bottom of a paper sheet. This paradigm is significantly improved by Ethereum because it is intangible, and documentation of the transaction can never be lost.

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Choose Between Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Not only has the valuation of the cryptocurrencies skyrocketed in the last two years, but also the number of choices provided to customers.

If you want to get a sight about how big the market is, search online about the top cryptocurrencies now being traded.

Bitcoin has a small number of possible coins issued (21 million) and high-powered machines have already mined 80 percent of all Bitcoins. Owing to the number of equations that are required, traditional transactions take at least 8 minutes to complete.

Technically, and not a digital coin in and by itself, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency network. There is no limit on the number of ether coins that can be mined. It promises to spread the money more evenly, not preferring early adopters but preferring the newcomers.

Smart Contracts 

It is a decentralized tool. Ethereum was the one who brought smart contracts to the world in the Ethereum vs Bitcoin battle. With smart contracts, when they occur, you can set conditions that cause a transaction. 

Because the blockchain is operated by Ethereum’s smart contracts, developers may build apps that never go offline and cannot be edited by other parties. 

Imagine if, unlike the standard contracts we actually use as part of our daily lives, we had this strength! You would get on-time bonuses, and you’re never going to be underpaid, that’s for sure.

A right way of thinking about smart contracts is to consider owning a home. Usually, third parties, such as a lawyer and a broker, are required for this process. The possession of the house is sent automatically with a smart contract until a prerequisite is fulfilled. 

It sounds like this: Micheal transfers 200 ETH. The invoice is checked, and the house owner is received by him. 

In several different situations, this is applicable. Think auto dealerships, financial services, e-commerce, lotteries, email systems, etc. 

This is why the possibilities are infinite with Ethereum.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoin & Ether by Successtaff

Where Can I Buy Bitcoin & Ether

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The goals and objectives of Bitcoin and Ethereum are quite different. Ethereum’s blockchain also runs smart contracts that Bitcoin doesn’t and relies only on manual payment technology instead.

Both BTC and ETH has their own advantages. Bitcoin has a smaller availability of coins and is more liquid than Ethereum. Still, Ethereum has a stronger infrastructure than Bitcoin and has more applications. 

Overall, Ethereum has more use cases than Bitcoin, and thus serves a broader role. Based on this fact, I would conclude that it is probably a superior alternative to Bitcoin.