Italian vs American: The One Perfect Shoe You Should Own


Italians are slim, fashionable, and showy. Americans are straightforward and conservative.Of course, I’m referring to formal shoes!

The manufacturing of Italian and American shoes differs little, but there are significant philosophical differences.

The American way of thinking is that shoes should be practical. Heavy leathers are used to create high-quality, functional, and long-lasting dress shoes in the United States. Shoes, according to Italian philosophy, are works of art. Besides focusing on endurance, they strive to create shoes that are as elegant as possible.

Before you buy men’s shoes online, learn why you should buy what!

4 Reasons to Wear Italian Shoes

#1. High-Quality Workmanship

Shoemaking is a tradition in Italy that has been passed down through the centuries. Shoemakers manufacture handcrafted shoes utilizing time-honoured, labour-intensive techniques that are deemed outdated in the United States. Hand-dyed and hand-burnished leather is standard. Each shoe is a one-of-a-kind design.

#2. The Best Leather

Leather is taken extremely seriously in Italy. They utilize only the finest hand-picked full-grain leather. Full-grain leather has a natural surface, while ‘corrected’ grain leather has the surface shaved off and replaced with a plasticky covering. The finest Italian shoes are made of calfskin, the softest and most supple leather. As a result, many people are interested and like to buy Italian shoes online.

#3. They Make You Stand Out

Italian shoemakers have more freedom to experiment with designs and materials because there is no need to mass-produce thousands of identical mass-marketable replicas when shoes are created by hand. Along with the typical neutral hues, you’re likely to see stunning colours like blues and reds.

#4. They’re More At Ease

This is due to the structural differences between Blake and Goodyear. Blake stitching is used on the majority of Italian shoes. Because there is no visible outside stitching, the shoe has a clean profile and is simple to re-sole. This, coupled with the high-quality soft leather, results in a significant improvement in comfort.

3 Reasons to Wear American-Made Shoes

#1. They’re Less Expensive

The majority of fine Italian shoes can set you back $600 or more. In contrast, a classic American brand will set you back less than half that and yet provide you with a high-quality pair of shoes.

Of course, wearing shoes that scream, “I have a $600 shoe budget, and I know how to spend it”, gives you a prestige bump. However, you may be better off spending that additional $300 or $400 on some new clothes.

#2. They’re More Durable & Water Resistant

Contrary to popular belief, Goodyear welting is not always more durable than Blake stitching, but it is more waterproof. And it’s fair to argue that, on average, American shoemakers are more concerned with durability than with aesthetics. They select the most robust leather rather than the most attractive.

#3. They’re a Little Bigger

Italian shoes have pointy toes and are longer and slimmer. Many American guys feel the fit to be TOO tight to adequately accommodate their feet.

If you’re accustomed to wearing shorter, broader shoes with rounded toes, you may feel uncomfortable, weird, or excessively noticeable in something that gives your feet a totally different form.

With all of the advantages and disadvantages on either side, the decision is ultimately yours.