How to Waterproof Your Basement?

Monsoon seasons are tough. They are hard on kids and adults we know, but they are also hard on your house too. Specially if you live in a house that harbors a basement. With a bit of proper research and guidance you can easily make your basement waterproof. Here’s how:

1. Installing a Sump Pump

Installing a sump pump will get rid of the water that is collected over a period of time in the sump pump basin. You will need to explore a bit about the working and the parts that come with the sump pump before actually installing it in the basement. The basin of the sump pump gets installed in the trench, since the trench has a slope, so the water that accumulates in the trench goes in the basin through a pipe. From there it gets pumped out of the basement and in the gutter.  You can either do this yourself or call in professionals.

2. Exterior Grading

The ground area surrounding your house, should have a slope that leans away from the house and not towards the house. If you are thinking of making a soil slope then you will have a problem in the long run. Soil slope doesn’t stay put for long so it’s better to get a proper landscape made. If there is no slope then the water will pool around the house and eventually seep into the foundations creating leaks. If you have a paved surface like a drive-way, then that, too, should slope away from the house.

3. Gutters

A good drainage system is dependent on a good gutter system. If the gutter system isn’t done right then the water will pool around the house as it won’t have any suitable place to flow to. Similarly, the gutters should be maintained before rainy season so that there aren’t clogs.

4. Shrub Overgrowth

Don’tbe ignorant to shrub growth around the foundation of your house. Water retentionin the roots of the plants become a huge problem. They end up seeping throughthe foundations and creating leaks in the basement. So, if you love plants thatmuch, keep them away from the foundations, plant them in their proper place andkeep a vigilant check on the growth around the foundations. If you want yardwaste to be removed, you can look into a junk removal in Raleigh service.

5. Waterproofing on the Inside

The best way to waterproof is to do it from the outside, but if you have no leaks and want to be proficient then you can get the inside of the basement waterproofed too. A solution of Sealant or waterproofing mixture is coated on the walls of the basement and that covers the leaks and prevents future leaks form happening.

Sealants works on walls that haven’t been painted yet or sealed. Either use a brush or spray the seal on the walls directly, as the concrete takes-in the seal the waterproofing is created. You can paint over the seal, there won’t be a problem.

Waterproofing paint works well with already painted wall. It’s exactly like any normal paint.

6. Crack Repair

Keep an eye open for the crack that are happening in your basement, fill them up as soon as they appear. This way no leakage will happen when the rain comes.

Afterthe renovations and repairs, it good to hire a good junk removal Raleigh service to remove the junk for you.