How to Move Without Furniture and Save a Lot of Money in The Process

I am sure moving away somewhere without your furniture is very heartbreaking often times but you have no idea that doing this saves you a lot of money and time.

Let’s check out below how you can do that.

1. Do Not Hire Professional Packers

Professional packers are only required when you feel you have something sensitive stuff which cannot be handled by you or gets damaged if you try to pack it yourself. Many times it is mostly about your furniture which contains very heavy and delicate parts which requires too much attention for packing. So, moving without furniture will eliminate the need of hiring any professional packers and hence you may save a lot of money. It is because their fees covers quite good enough amount and ultimately put much unneeded pressure on your pocket.

2. Use the Extra Time for Other Important Stuff

You know moving your furniture is a big task where you need plenty of time to disassemble each and every item that needs to be handled with proper care too. But wait, you are not taking your furniture? Perfect, this will save you a lot of time and you may use your time with much other important stuff which you cannot skip to move in any case.

3. There is No Need to Buy High Quality Packing Material

Very high quality packing material means you will need to pay a very high amount of money as well which is not at all required when you are moving without furniture. See, furniture parts are very delicate and requires to be handled with care and concentration so you need to be extra cautious about their packaging as well. While it is not the case with other stuff where you may use quite nominal packing material as well without any fear of damage.

4. Sell Your Furniture Away

This is also a good way to even make more money rather than spending a lot from your own pocket by just selling your furniture at any good garage sales. Obviously when you move without furniture so you will have to buy more when you reach there and you will need extra money for that. So why not make this money from your current furniture rather than spending extra money? It is a perfect way of keeping things simple and do not spend extra money as well.

If your furniture is not in a usable form, get help from a trash removal Bronx NY company for disposing of or recycling your furniture for good.

Your target should be to remove most of the stuff with the trash removal Long Island as it will aid you in reducing moving costs.

5. Do Not Pay Heavy Amount to Movers

Generally, movers charge their fees and total amount as per the weight of each item which is too high in case you move your furniture with you. It is because furniture parts are super heavy which can make extremely high amount when you add up the total amount. And this amount often times become impossible for you to even pay to movers so it is better to leave your furniture here rather than taking it away with you.


So, we hope the above tips helped you a lot in moving away without taking furniture and save your lot of time and money!