How To Buy The Best Eye Concealer & How To Use It


Do you want to have a late-night and seem less tired? Or do you have dark circles under your eyes that you can’t seem to get rid of? If dark circles annoy you in any case, you have two options: You may grab for your beloved big sunglasses or rummage through your cosmetics bag for Eye concealer.

Concealers may be used to conceal anything from blemishes to redness, and although it is often overlooked in favor of foundation, this concentrated pigment works wonders most of the time. So, what formulations are the best, and what should you consider for buying the best eye concealer

3 Things To Look For In An Eye Concealer 

  1. Formula

When it comes to choosing the ideal under-eye concealer, we advise checking the product’s formula first. It’s essential to find a formula that will work for you and your skin requirements, depending on what you want to use it for—whether it’s for under the eyes, blemishes, or both. Look for formulations that include de-puffing substances like caffeine if you suffer from puffiness. If your primary worry is dark circles, search for a concealer with an illuminating finish to lighten under-eye skin and give the appearance of being well-rested.

2. Coverage

When it comes to the best concealer for eyes, coverage is key, particularly if you’re attempting to hide dark circles. We advise using putty-like formulations rather than watery ones since they provide greater coverage. I also like creamy concealer for under the eyes since it blends better and lasts longer.

3. Packaging

Finally, we advise looking at the package and applicator of a product to ensure it will meet your requirements. Consider whether you want a product you can use on the go—for example, a product with a wand that makes application simpler than a pot. A concealer with a built-in applicator will make reapplying much simpler if you touch up during the day.

What’s The Best Way To Conceal?

The main issue now is whether to use concealer or foundation first.

The solution is straightforward. It’s usually a good idea to apply foundation all over before applying concealer. However, if you want to attain absolute perfection, there’s a step before foundation that you should do, and that’s when color-correcting concealers come into play.

After you’ve color-corrected and applied the product, use a concealer makeup sponge to softly press the foundation and then the concealer into place. Your color-correcting concealer will remain in place if you press it. It’s also essential to remember that less is more, so just apply a tiny quantity of corrector where it’s needed. To make your makeup stay longer, use a pressed powder to set it.

Final Words 

Now that you realize what a great and versatile cosmetic tool a concealer is, it’s time to test out some of these tips. You may not do it perfectly the first time but remember that patience and practice are essential!

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