How Can an ATM Benefits You for Your Store Easily


An ATM is a simple concept for a customer. It’s as simple as that: you insert your card, punch in your pin, and the magic machine spits out your cash. The ATM, however, is much more to a shop owner!

We understand that many retailers are unaware of what a cash machine does for their business other than serve customers. So we’ve compiled a list of our crucial ATM benefits that you probably didn’t know about and won’t be able to resist!

So, before you look for ATM services, let’s learn more about this issue.


We’re sure we’ve got your attention now! Good. It’s that simple. By using one of our self-service cash machines, you can save $1,000s on banking cash deposit fees each year.

Because you will be filling the ATM with business cash each day and then withdrawing, you will be making fewer trips to the bank to make costly cash deposits!

We offer free cash machine installation, servicing, maintenance, training, and marketing materials! We’re sorry; we’re just too nice to you!

Boost in footfall

Every retailer has concerned with foot traffic in their store. They have a large number of people passing through their doors every day. What is essential is that they enter; otherwise, you will not make any sales!

You don’t know what a shop has to offer unless you go in and check it out for yourself, so what will entice that customer to come in? We’ll get to the point quickly.

Eighty percent of users will return to an ATM at least once a week. That is, if you have a cash machine in your store, customers will come in to use it! Are you still unsure?


Everyone should feel safe and secure, especially when it comes to money! Customers feel more confident when they use an ATM in a trusted location. That is why having a cash machine in your business will result in more customers walking through the door.

It also provides you with security. Think about it, recirculating your cash can help you avoid risky cash drops to the bank. The money is safe in an ATM safe. And at the end of the day, you can withdraw the remaining cash and lock it up for the next day.

Basket Spend Raise

Did you guys know that an ATM in a convenience store boosts basket spending by an average of 65%? You now have! Consider the following scenario: you walk into a store to use an ATM, you’ve just withdrawn some cash, you see a giant chocolate bar, and it’s been one of those weeks.

Three-quarters of people will make an impulse purchase if a cash machine is nearby. Do you want to pass up additional sales?


Seventy-five percent of people now expect a convenience store to have a cash machine, which means you could be losing out on loyal, profitable customers if you don’t have one!

Because 76 percent of customers still pay in cash, more than half (58 percent) of convenience stores already have a cash machine! You want to provide your customers with every possible ATM NYC costumer service, correct? You already know what you need to do!