Fiction & Fact: The Mobile Causes Premature Aging


Nowadays, many things depend on the mobile phone, and we cannot even think about living without our mobile. Many people use mobile for their job. But many teenagers use mobile without no reason, and they use them for a long time.

Well, we all know that we should use sunscreen when we go outside in the sunlight. At the same time, the blue light that means the mobile light, also makes our skin damage.

Mostly, your skin will be dull, and it is the cause of the aging problem. In our below segment, we will provide the effect of the mobile blue light and the ways of getting away from the blue light effect. So, before you look for thyroid hormone replacement therapy, let’s begin!

The Effect of Blue Light 

It is nothing new that the UV rays come from the mobile light, like the sun. So if one uses sunscreen when you go outside, what will you do to protect your skin from the mobile light? One may spend several hours in front of the mobile and laptop.

First of all, it will be better if you can reduce using mobile. Mostly, you can use the mobile when you need to use it. It will be tough to skip sung mobile; that is why it will be better if you try to do another thing instead of the user mobile.

Relation between Your Skin and Blue Light 

We cannot but share that blue light is the cause of cancer. The radiation of blue light is the cause of premature aging. Even you will get the bad dark circle which looks so odd. Mostly, the moisturizer is very vital for our skin.

But when we stay a long time in front of the mobile, the radiation damages the natural moisture of your skin. As a result, your skin becomes dry day by day, and you get the wrinkle and so many skin problem.

Mostly, you face the aging problem. That means once you lost the moisture level, then the skin becomes damage sensitive, premature aging, and pigmented.

How to Deal with Mobile Blue Light

From the above segment, you have already understood how and why mobile blue light damages your skin. Now you may ask that how to deal with the blue light.

Because it is not possible to skip mobile using, it is vital to follow some ways that will help you reduce the effect of the mobile blue light. However, in the below segment, we will present two methods to help you save your skin from the mobile light.

Apply Sunscreens

First and foremost, you have to use sunscreen. Now you can ask that how the sunscreen helps to save skin. Well, sunscreen works as one barrier between the skin and the device. Also, you can use one filter for the blue light that also works amazingly to protect you from the UV rays. One more thing I would like to add that, you should also be knowledgeable about the “thyroid hormone replacement” and it’s benefits as it becomes a recent important topic for you.

Keep the Phone Clean

Lastly, you have to keep your mobile always clean. Our phone display has lots of germs and bacteria. If you do not clean your phone, you have to deal with the same bacteria repeatedly on your face.