Everything You Need to Know About Lighting Candles


Because many of us cannot afford to visit spas or hotels for some well-deserved rest, candles have become the new home therapy fad.

Candles have been used in rituals for millennia to create a serene or contemplative atmosphere. More lately, candles have grown into aromatherapy instruments to help us get into a more romantic, relaxed, or tranquil mood.

You’ll learn a lot from this best luxury candles buying and lighting guide, whether you’re a first-time candle burner, a long-time candle enthusiast, or an aspiring chandler.

For knowing details about luxury candles let’s read the article before you look for “self-care products”.

Selecting the Best Candle for You

#1 A Scented Candle Or A Decorative Candle?

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what you’ll use the candle for. Do you wish to use a scented candle to help you set the mood? Or do you just want a beautiful candle to set the mood?

When it comes to decorative candles, you’ll want to opt for one with a beautiful casing that complements your decor. When shopping for the best luxury candles like scented candles, seek candles with the correct aroma quantity since not all scented candles are equal.

#2 Wax

Candles have been created using paraffin wax for a long time, and paraffin is generated from petroleum, which is a by-product of gasoline production.

Most chandlers now utilize natural waxes such as beeswax, palm wax, or soy wax. These are non-hazardous, naturally generated materials obtained from fast renewable resources.

#3 Wicks

The wicks are also crucial since the kind of wick you choose influences the kind of burn you’ll get. Synthetic wicks, like paraffin wax, emit hazardous compounds and might produce an inconsistent burn on your candle. Look for pure cotton wicks or hardwood wicks for the best results.

#4 Smell

Different individuals love different smells, and if you try a few different ones, you should discover one that meets your preferences. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single perfume that reigns supreme.

It’s vital to notice, though, what the chandler did to infuse scent into your candle. When looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly candles, search for ones that employ essential oils obtained from pure plant sources rather than artificial fragrances.

Look for candles that employ cold-pressed essential oils, which are extracted without heat, preserving the aromatic characteristics and medicinal powers of the plant in the oil.

Candle Etiquettes

  • Never leave candles alone, and keep them away from combustible things, children, and animals.
  • Let candles burn until the whole surface becomes molten. This prolongs the burn period and inhibits tunnelling (forming a rigid outer ring that won’t burn, resulting in an uneven surface).
  • Keep pools of molten wax free of debris such as match ends and wick trimmings to prevent dripping and extinguish pillar candles when the wax pool reaches the edge.
  • To protect your candle vessel, never burn the last centimetre of wax.
  • To prevent dripping, keep candles away from excessive drafts and extinguish pillar candles when the wax pool reaches the edge.
  • To protect surfaces, always use a heat-resistant plate.