CrossDraft Paint Booths: What They Are and How Good They Are


There are different types of paint booths and CrossDraft is one of them. CrossDraft is one of the most reliable paint booths for customers. If you want to get paint booth systems, it’s important to know which type suits you the best. Research is important before getting paint booth systems. We have given a good account of what CrossDraft paint booths are and how good they are below.

What Are CrossDraft Paint Booths

CrossDraft is a type of paint booth that provides quite similar high-quality finish just like DownDraft paint booths but what differentiates the two is that CrossDraft makes the air go directly across the object which is being painted. CrossDraft booths are usually affordable and they don’t take much space but provides a top quality paint job.

Features of CrossDraft Paint Booths

Let’s take a look at some of the features of CrossDraft. There are both good and bad sides of CrossDraft that are given below.

Less Expensive

CrossDraft Paint Booths are really expensive when compared to its other counterparts and they give the same high-quality finish as DownDraft at almost half the price. The reason behind it is CrossDraft has a really simple design with less material and hence they are easily mountable to any level of floors, thus saving concrete work in the process.

The Simplistic Design

CrossDraft’s design is really simplistic and this is another reason why so many people prefer it. Air in a CrossDraft flows horizontally and from one wall to another and in the meantime the filters remove the contaminants. People who love simplicity prefer CrossDraft.


Paints contain chemical and industrial paints contain more of them. Working with industrial paint may be hazardous if not handled correctly. CrossDraft booths are fully enclosed and has filters on the inside of the front door. This is why there’s a little chance of toxic chemicals getting out of the inside of the booth.

Prone to Overspray

One disadvantage of CrossDraft is that it’s prone to overspray. The reason behind this is CrossDraft’s airflow pushes the overspray into the painted surface of the object being painted. This sometimes requires the painter to start painting from the beginning.

Not Fit for High-Volume Business

CrossDrafts are not very compatible for high-volume business because checking CrossDrafts booths for dirt, dust, and other contaminants will waste time and energy. If the CrossDrafts is not automated painters might get in the way of the airflow and thus reduce effectiveness and more paint is needed than usual. You also have to clean the workplace because the tiniest amount of dirt or dust trapped in a CrossDraft booth may get caught in the airflow and cause a mess on the paint job.


Every type of paint booth has its own pros and cons. This is why no one paint booth is compatible with every kind of paint job and there are several types of them. If you are doing a not so big project and can clean the workplace regularly, CrossDraft will do fine for you.