Signs That Tell You That You Need to Replace Your Car’s Bumper Cover


The dangers of the road are unavoidable as a driver. Regardless of how careful you are, there will always be a possibility of getting dents and dings on your car. The car’s front bumper being in the front suffers the brunt of the abuse. This is why many car owners opt for a car bumper cover. This protects the bumper from minor damages as well as adding an extra layer of protection. A damaged bumper cover compromises the structural integrity of the car. 

But since the front bumper is facing most of the rigors on the road it is imperative you look after the front bumper and bumper cover. So you do regular check-ups and look for signs and symptoms of damage. So what are the signs that tell you, you need bumper cover replacement? Well, the following passages we will be discussing the matter so that you know what to look for the next time you are doing a check-up for damages. 


Cracks may seem harmless but they can turn into a big problem. Any crack in your bumper cover no matter how small or big hampers its ability to provide ample protection. There are mainly two major reasons this happens. The first one is, whenever a crack appears on a bumper cover it automatically changes the structural integrity of the auto part. 

This means that the bumper cover isn’t able to absorb as much shock as before. Because of this loss of sturdiness, the risk of damage during collisions become really high. The second reason is, that cracks are an easy way for dirt and moisture to seep into the bumper cover. When this happens it immediately increases the chance of rust and/or damage the auto part behind the bumper cover. 

This is very dangerous because when this happens the structural integrity of the impact bar. The impact bar is the biggest absorber of shock in the bumper. If it is compromised, then your road safety is most definitely compromised. Now you can do the usual repair for the bumper cover. 

You can get an epoxy or a fiberglass repair kit and seal the crack. But remember that this will not make the auto part structurally sound. The bumper cover will still be vulnerable if a crash occurs as its strength and reliability. The only way to guarantee safety is if you buy a new bumper cover. 

Compromised Tabs and Clips

The impact bar of the bumper is connected to the plastic part of your bumper cover with tabs and clips. When the tabs and clips are compromised then the bumper cover isn’t completely secured onto the bumper. While there may not be any problem when stationary, but when you hit the road the bumper cover is put under a lot of pressure. 

Due to the rigors on the road, the tabs and clips might break. Now you can try holding it together with glue but trust me it never works. Glue does not stand well with extreme weather conditions. And often times the tabs and clips get warped under stress or if pulled incorrectly. This makes them impossible to restore and which is why you need to replace your car bumper cover. 

Now You Know

So there you go, these are the symptoms that you should look out for. Whenever these happen, make sure you replace your bumper cover. It is imperative that you do regular check-ups on your car as well. It is better to be careful rather than pay compensation for a problem that could have been easily avoided. Make sure you check the door locks and handles and window and replace the parts as required.