Once upon a time, students liked to expect to get more with less of each thing, but times are changed. This is because of the improvement of the technology. It’s the time when you like to stay in touch of your friends and the whole world as well. You like to do it for any cost without any stress, no matter at all what you’re studying. Also, the time has gone of the cheap mobile set and cheap mobile plans that have entirely changed student life from scratch. Besides, it’s also the time when so many students study abroad and some of them use international data roaming SIM. But, we’ll know about the best mobile plans for Australian students in today’s content. So, keep reading up to the end if you like to know the matter in details.


It comes with the “Unlimited 1GB Mobile Plan” for the student of Australia that has a great value. If you like to get the offer you have to pay only $10 for every 28 days or $2.50 per week. It never wavered that you’ll not find any better value at this budget because you’ll get unlimited talk time and text. These are not all; you’ll also get 1 GB free mobile data for the perfect web browsing for the same timeline. In addition, this provider uses Optus 4G network so you’re guaranteed to get the best service.


This provider likes to keep their policy easy so that everybody can understand their cheapest unlimited mobile plan and get returns of their value. In this purpose, it has added a monthly plan that’s for only $10 per month to compete with Amaysim. That’s not all about it, also comes with some more bonus for their users. Even it has a $5 plan that has the same offer that $10 gives except the data bonus. The most amazing thing about Belong is that it uses the strongest network of Telstra that’s an extra benefit.

Southern Phone

In the recent days, Southern Phone gets a lot of respects from its users for its great value for the local community. It comes with two attractive plans, such as Green and Green 22 for $12 and $22 for students. If you buy the first one you’ll get unlimited talk time and text with 1 GB data. But, you’ll get 7GB mobile data when you’ll buy the second one that’s the best ever plan so far for you.

Moose Mobile

This is another one in this race for the students that comes with all same of Amaysim but offers 1.5 GB data for $14 per month. In addition, you’ll get the massive offer of 1c for unlimited calls as a new user was 13 and 1800 series are added to call.

Bottom Line

In the same way, you’ll find some more providers who offer almost the same things. For example, OVO mobile offers 4 GB data with other same options for $19.95 per month. So, choose the best and suitable plan that can meet your needs, it’s your turn.