Baby Unsettlement: Get the Reason for Starting Solids


Are you thinking of starting your baby with solid food? If yes, then you must know so many things before you start solid. First of all, you have to see that form when your baby needs solid food. After that, you have to select the food that you want to give your baby.

You have to understand that the baby is the first-timer who will taste the solid food. So, do not try two or three items together. Even the baby may face lots of problems during solid starting time.

One of the common issues is sleep unsettlement at night. In the below content, we will try to present the reason for unsettlement sleep with the solution. So, before you look for audio baby monitors read on the below discussion to know the details.


If you want to give solid food to your baby, then you must maintain a time. We always tell that you have to understand that your baby is used to breast or formula milk.

So for the first time, you should not replace the milk with solid food. Instead, you have to continue solid a tiny amount with the regular milk feeding. And of course, you have to avoid feeding solid food before the baby’s sleeping.

Mainly, your baby needs the chance to digest the food. Now you can ask that what kind of solid you can start. Here, we will suggest you start with banana puree and apple puree.

Quality Matters, not Quantity

The new mother often gets confused when they feed solid food to the baby. And they focus on the quantity of the food. They think that baby may be hungry. Here, you have to keep in mind that the baby’s stomach is still under development and has small storage.

So, you have to ensure the nutrients and vitamins of the food. If you overfeed your baby, then it can be an excellent reason for unsettlement at night.

Also, it can be the cause of tummy gas problems as well. So, if the baby is not comfortable during sleep time after starting solid, check the reliable quantity.


Usually, the baby starts the solid food when they are six months old. And in this period, they become curious about everything surrounding them. So, it is very vital to notice that your baby has the food properly or not.

They might be distracting during feeding, and it might be less eating than the baby need. After a few times, they will feel hungry, and they will not get the proper sleep. So, you must feed milk before sleeping time. Hopefully, it will help your baby to get a sound sleep.  

Food May Not Be Only Reason 

Your baby faces unsettlement sleep due to many reasons rather than solid food. If you change the baby’s sleep time, then it can happen. Also, the cold and hot weather can be another reason for unsettlement sleep. In this case you can search “mother and baby care shops near me” for getting any mother and baby items near your location.

So, make sure that your baby is sleeping at the same time. Mostly, you have to ensure that the room temperature and baby dress is also comfortable.