Baby Burp: How You Can Make It for Your Baby

Are you a new mummy? If yes, then our today’s discussion is for you. Firstly, a big congratulation to you and your newborn baby. However, we often get some common problems from the new mothers that they do not sleep properly.

Also, they do not want to have food, and they cry all the time. Well, we have researched this topic and find out some best ways to burping newborn kids. From our point of view, all the tips will be helpful for a mother for a different purpose. For example, to feed the baby and to stop crying, etc.

So, have a look at the below to know more about the baby burping. Hopefully, all the tips will help you to make your motherhood enjoyable. Well, before you look for baby stores nearby, let’s know how to do it.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you are burping the baby, you have to always keep in mind some vital things. First, put the baby on the shoulder after feeding and ensure the baby’s stomach is touching you. You have to keep your baby in this position for 10 to 15 minutes.

All babies are not the same. So, the burping time may vary according to the baby’s health. Here, you have to follow some simple techniques while burping after feeding. First, burp your baby’s one side and hold for five minutes.

And then do another side burping. Now you may ask why burping is essential? Well, if you follow these steps, then your kid will feel satisfied and full. But it may also happen that after proper burping, your baby still cannot digest the food.

Mostly, the baby’s belly becomes hard, gas and constipation happen. In this case, you can skip the formula milk from the baby food. Instead, go with breast milk because it never creates any problem for your baby.

Burping Methods

Now we will present some burping methods for the mother. However, everyone can do this for the baby. Just the caregiver needs to know the perfect methods. So, let’s go to the techniques. 

On the Shoulder

First, we tell you how you will burping on the shoulder. Just move the baby slowly towards your body. Try not to wake up your baby. Then allow the baby’s chin or head to relax on the shoulder.

But you have to support the baby correctly. Otherwise, the baby can slip from your body. Also, keep another hand on the backside and softly pat for burping.

Sitting on the Lap

Our second technique is to keep your kid on the lap. Here, you have to support the baby with your arm. Then support the baby’s chest with your palm, and you have to support the jaw and chin with your fingers.

But keep away your fingers from the baby’s throat. Once you get the perfect posture, then pat softly on the back of the baby.

Face Down towards Your Lap

Here, lie down the baby on the mother’s leg. Just make sure that the baby is lying across the knees. Here, also you have to support the baby’s jaw and chin with your hand. Lastly, pat the kid gently to give a comfortable feel to your baby.

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