Amazingly Best Free Things to Do In San Francisco


If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco, then this post will help you definitely. This Bay surrounded the city is a pretty luxury place to travel and explore along with expensive living place. But, it doesn’t mean you’ll not find the best free things to do in San Francisco this weekend.

Fortunately, there are many places to visit and many things to without paying an admission charge. The city comes with lots of top sights that don’t require fees than any other city of the state. These include museums, free concerts, parks, and sailing.

Likewise, many more things are to do and enjoy while tripping to this great city. That’s why we’re here with some amazingly best free things to do in San Francisco.

Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge

This is unnecessary to say that walking across is one of the so popular spots in the country. This is an obvious must doing a thing while visiting the city. But, you must take a sweater because this spot will breeze you when you’ll be walking. Ensure to look into some history of this bridge at the Presidio.

If you go to another side of the bridge, you’ll find the beautiful view of Sausalito. However, all of these things you’ll do free of cost meaning you don’t need an extra charge while walking across the Golden Gage Bridge in San Francisco.

Explore Chinatown

Chinatown of San Francisco is home to an eye-catching array of history, architecture, and food. Thus, it’s boosting the biggest Chinese people outside China and Asia. You can spend an entire afternoon enjoying different landmarks.

These include entrance to Chinatown, Dragon Gate, Sing Fat building, and the Sing Chong. Also, there are more things to enjoy without spending money like the old telephone exchange, the fortune cookie factory of the Golden Gate, and many more. After all, the city is the home of the fortune cookie.

Fun at the Sliding of Seward Street

The place is on the steep of the Noe Valley were two big cement slides that bring thrills to their neighborhood for many years. The slides have designed by a young girl of 14-years old in 1973.

This one and other things of the park have built to preserve the land from turning into the building complex. Because of getting genuine speed, it’s great to take a cardboard or a plastic tray. As there is sand at the bottom, you should not be worried about injuring you very much.

Go to the Real Cheap Seats at Oracle Park

If something can beat a summer baseball game, then it’s might be paying just for food and admission. As a baseball fan, you can watch a match at Oracle Park that’s also known as AT&T Part at free of cost.

You’ll have to go to the McCovey Cove and you’ll get the permit of watching for 3 innings at a time. Also, it’ll allow you to get close to spread around to your much-loved player.