8 Apps That Can Save Your Life

Mobile app stores are getting more and richer day by day with plenty of useful apps with new ideas and innovations. There are many apps in different app stores which are enriched with features that are super helpful for our life. Here are 8 of these apps that can save your life.


Here are some important apps that can literally save your life.

1. Companion

This is one of the best security apps out there for women. With this app, you will be safer than ever. The app allows the users to send their location and let anyone track if you are in trouble. The women who travel alone or during night use it extensively because it helps them stay safe and share their whereabouts with the parents or partners.

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2. Red Panic Button

Have you ever been in a trouble and expected some help? If you have been through such situations, this app can be your savior. With this app, you can press the red button to send alert to the person you have stored in the app. It also allows you to share your GPS location with the mentioned person in the app.

3. SafeTrek

Many people visit dangerous areas and locations where they may hit any eventuality. This app works like a panic button to alert your relative or parents. But you will need to press and the button until you reach a safe place. In case you can’t press the button for reaching a safe spot, the app will inform the police in nearby location and they will come to your rescue.

4. Trusted Contacts

This app has been introduced by Google for the safety and protection of the Android users. In the app, you can add few people as your trusted contacts. They will have access to your data, activity and will be able to use the device on your behalf. They can help you if you are not contacting your parents or stuck in some place. You also take help from Telstra shop Melbourne CBD.

5. WikiHow

There are not so many apps of this kind and nature. The WikiHow website is a pretty good option when it comes to getting knowledge, finding solutions for immediate actions, getting help in emergency and other things. This app will surely help you one day if you install it on your device.

6. Pedius

It will be right to say that this is one of the finest apps out there for android as well as iPhone users. The deaf or the people hard at hearing can use this app to make calls. The app uses voice recognition features that help out the deaf people to easily call any person and hear them back with comfort. This app truly deserves to be on our list.

7. Medical ID

This app or feature is on all android devices as well as iPhones. This is really a useful app or feature that can save your life. You will add details like about yourself, the person who you can call in emergency and other details. If you are hit by car, or anything else, someone can pick your phone and call that particular for help.

8. Bugle

Here comes the last pick in our list. This app is for families and is effective in helping you save your loved ones. If your child doesn’t reach school on time, or any other place- the app will send you alerts and notifications.

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