7 Second hand Tech Products You Should Never Purchase/Sell

7 Second hand Tech Products You Should Never Purchase/Sell
7 Second hand Tech Products You Should Never Purchase/Sell

The market for old tech products is massive, and that’s also for a good reason! Phones, wearables, gaming consoles, and other lightly used electronic devices are a fast and simple way to earn money or save money.

A peer-to-peer exchange or a resale platform might potentially save or earn you hundreds of dollars for a working gadget. However, for security, outside difficulty, or a high index of grossness, there are certain devices we don’t recommend circulating through the secondary market, whether it’s some cool tech products or any regular gadgets.

#1. Earbuds

Air Pods, Pixel Buds, and Galaxy Buds tech products are all earbuds that are used within your ears. It’s also rather deep in there. Is there anything more I need to say? You can clean and disinfect them, but the thought of putting another person’s earbud in my ear gives me the creeps.

#2. Over-The-Ear Headphones

It’s not simple to clean over-ear headphones. The earpads, for example, may absorb perspiration or create crusts of dead skin and oil from your face. The ear cups on most versions aren’t replaceable. The headband is the same way.

Wearing headphones coated in your own sweat, dandruff, and scents is one thing, but wearing something covered in the details of a total stranger? Thank you, but no.

#3. Portable Hard Drives

External hard drives are often used to back up your computer or to transport vital papers. You risk exposing personal information to whoever buys the drive unless you carefully and properly delete it when you’re ready to sell it.

#4. Baby Monitors

Simply for security concerns, cross this off your list. We aren’t the only ones concerned when they hear the words “baby monitors” and “used” in the same phrase. Baby monitors, in general, have been known to be hacked in the past.

Parents may feel more at ease knowing that the gadget capturing their baby isn’t linked to anybody else’s credentials. On either end, vetting that process might be more bother than it’s worth.

#5. Smart Home Gadgets

Another security dilemma has arisen. When cameras and video doorbells are new, companies seem to have difficulty preventing feeds from irregularly showing up in the incorrect account. Used smart cameras and other IoT gadgets should be avoided.

#6. Smart Scales

A scale that you most likely stand on before or after getting in the shower, particularly one that records your weight in a connected app, has an intrinsically intimate feel to it. That may be too much for some folks, and I can’t blame them.

#7. Personal Hygiene Products

This should go without saying, but just in case, nose and ear hair trimmers, electric razors, and electric toothbrushes are preferable to buy new. Even with a new brush head, your saliva was pouring all over the toothbrush handle. It’s a BIG NO.

Don’t restrict yourself to Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace only if you’re ready to get rid of some of your outdated gear and devices. Explore your options to get the best deal on products other than this list!

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