6 Self-Sabotaging Habits to Avoid


1. Dreaming but Not Doing

You often dream for a big house and a fancy car with a beautiful family or to travel around the world to satisfy your picture-perfect life but in reality, you are doing nothing to achieve these things. Every one of us must have some aims in our lives and we need to work really hard to achieve those goals. Question yourself for all the dreams and analyze the efforts you are making to achieve them.

2. Aggression

You need to observe your aggressive nature if you are over reacting on certain things. The best way is to analyze the whole day activities in your bed time and evaluate if your reaction was ok for that situation or no. Also, try to replace your aggressive discussions with assertive communication to keep an overall healthy environment around yourself.

3. Not Valuing Important Relationships

Usually your aggressive nature leads to destruction of some of very important relations in your life which needs to be stopped. You have to value your relationships with your family, friends and co-workers at your work place to not make yourself isolated from worldly life. These relations are very important to carry along in our lives to have a healthier state of mind.

4. Procrastination

Something which needs to be understood is that procrastination is not a solution to relax and have peace of mind. You are always mentally worried for that pending thing which has to be done and you do not enjoy lazing around even due to your worried mind. It is very obvious that when you know you are assigned to do something but you procrastinate it to enjoy some free time will not let you enjoy free time actually. Your mind will already be consumed with a thought of that assignment leading to more stress and anxiety in your nature.

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5. Underestimating Yourself

It usually happens when a person starts underestimating himself for minute things. You ignore your small and basic needs while let others the control you. You should not be allowing anyone, I repeat anyone, to control your acts and tell you that you should do this or that. You need to trust your instincts keeping in view that you need selfish for anything. This situation is a kind of personal martyrdom when you repress your needs over others’ needs and feel yourself a worthless person.

6. Disliking Yourself

It is also a self-sabotaging habit when you start disliking yourself for no good reasons. You overstate the achievements of your surrounding people and suppress yourself for not doing something that even doesn’t belong to you. And the worst part is to continuously criticizing yourself and taking it deeply to heart causing more hurtful feelings. For the same reason, people around you start feeling same for you and let you down even more which is a very natural human act and you can’t help it. So, you just need to stop disliking yourself immediately and trust yourself to raise your self-esteem.

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