5 Things Your House Cleaner Wants You to Know


You have made your life a lot easier by hiring one of the reliable professional house cleaning services who would come to your house and clean it properly. But there are a few things that they want you to know and they cannot tell you those things on their own. Let’s know!

1. Be Specific About the Instructions

The standard cleaning services by home cleaners are limited but these services include a deep cleaning of every part of the house. However, if you would like to get some part to be paid more attention and to be cleaned with due care, just simply tell your home cleaner because they won’t know it by themselves and would want your specific instructions.

2. They Are Not Hired to “Organize” Your Things

If there is a huge mess of clothes on the sofa, cluttered dishes on kitchen slab, extra things on the table or shoes lying on the entrance of the house then your house cleaner isn’t there to declutter the stuff and then start cleaning. They are there to clear the dust, wash and vacuum. So, before your house cleaner arrives, make sure you have removed all the mess from the surfaces that need to be clean so that the cleaner would have clear surfaces and cleaning would be done much more efficiently.

3. Soak the Pans, It Helps a Lot

Pans, plates and dishes left overnight for the home cleaner to wash them in the morning can get stubborn stains on it and to remove them, your house cleaner would have to scrub them hard which can damage some dishes or pans as well. So, about 30 minutes prior to the arrival of the home cleaning service, if you soak the pan and dishes into soapy water or in simply warm water, it would be pretty helpful for the cleaner to wash them easily without applying excessive effort on scrubbing and the shine of your dishes would not be damaged as well.

4. Please Don’t Walk On the “Just-Cleaned” Floor

The most common thing that makes home cleaners go crazy is when they have just swept the floor and someone from your family walks on that exact floor with dirty shoes on and makes the floor stained again. Tell your family members to avoid walking on the floor which has just been sept by the cleaner as this is also against the ethics.

5. Provide Them with the Products You Want Them to Use

Many house cleaning services bring along the cleaners with themselves, however, if you do not want them to use those products then provide them with the ones that you want them to use for cleaning purposes as this would make things much easier for the home cleaners.


When you hire professional basement cleaning services, it is important to be friendly with them and respect them. Keep the aforementioned things in your mind when they are working so that they don’t find it hard to work on your home.