5 Things You Should Know Before Using Healing Crystals


The fact that crystals are constantly teaching me something new is what keeps me interested in them. Since I first began channelling crystal jewellery for clients over two decades ago, I’ve had a profound connection with crystals.

What do you know about your crystals and gemstones when you look at your own collection? Have you ever looked for platonic solids or Merkaba crystals for sale? Most probably, not! Here are five things you probably didn’t know:

#1. Sacred geometry has been wonderfully matched with each crystal structure.

The Platonic Solids are reflected in the structure of crystals. It’s a complicated mathematical term, but it basically implies that crystals with tetragonal, orthorhombic, hexagonal, monoclinic, triclinic, isometric, amorphous, or trigonal systems have been formed.

These systems may be found in nature, on our planet, and, most significantly, inside our own bodies, which is why crystals can operate on the human body at metaphysical levels.

#2. Quartz is more than a mineral.

The most well-known crystals in the Quartz family are Amethyst and Citrine. The crystalline Quartz group also includes Chalcedony, Agate, Carnelian, Tigers Eye, and Chrysoprase. You can search “buy crystals online” in order to get these crystals easily.

Any quartz crystal may be programmed to assist you in your metaphysical work, such as happiness, health, or wealth, to mention a few. Simply sit in meditation with your quartz, establish your goal, and visualize it entering the crystal.

#3. The Lemurian Crystal lines and striations are filled with information.

Lemurian crystals have been discovered in Brazil, Arkansas, and Afghanistan. They have recently gained a lot of popularity among healers all over the globe.

Lemurian quartz differs from ordinary quartz. It is not always as clear as regular quartz, with certain crystal faces having a milky appearance. Lemurian crystals are said to “choose” their owner – you’ll know if this occurs because you won’t be able to put it down!

#4. Birthstones and Astral Crystals are unique to you.

Everyone has a birthstone that corresponds to the month and star sign they were born under. These may vary at times since they are also known as Astral Stones (there are two trains of thought on birthstones and astral stones)

Wearing your birthstone or astral stone may be very beneficial in self-discovery. The best part is that these are nearly all easily accessible as crystals or jewellery.

#5. Choose your stones carefully in your bedroom!

Carnelian is like coffee in that it provides energy and stimulates the brain. It’s terrific if you’re going to the gym, beginning a new project, or need to remain awake for whatever reason, but it’s not so great if you want to sleep in!

Quartz has an extremely high vibration – more significant than any other mineral, in fact – and should therefore be kept out of your bedroom. You may find it more difficult to ‘go’ while using quartz in meditation. I have always enjoyed a meditation with quartz – these make for a beautiful, fun and energizing meditation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Spread the knowledge.