5 Things You Should Consider While Designing an eCommerce Website

We are living in the era of information and we can find almost everything we want on the Internet. People are being more comfortable buying from an online store than going to a physical one. This is one of the reasons why eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba are very popular and their founders’ billionaires. Lots of people follow the trend and build their own eCommerce website. There are numerous startups like this.

This is the main reason why eCommerce website design development is becoming popular among students and freelancers. If you’re trying to learn and make money from eCommerce website design development, there are 5 things you should consider when you design an eCommerce website.

Choose The Right Platform

When you decide to create an eCommerce website, the very first thing you should consider is to which platform you should create it. There are lots of platforms where you can create the website, e.g. WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, etc. Choosing the platform will also depend on the type of website you’re creating. If the website offers services or just a few products, WordPress is a good choice because it’s versatile and quite easy to navigate, it also supports a lot of plugins. On the other hand, if the website will be used for many products, Magento is a good choice because Magento was developed for eCommerce use.

The Kind of Design

When you design the eCommerce website, try using simple designs rather than the ones with too many graphics. People love the simplicity and they will like the website if it’s clean and looks good. You also have to decide if you want to use a custom made theme or a standard pre-made one. Custom themes are pricey but they will allow you to add custom functionality to the website but the pre-made themes are cheap.

Strong Security

Your website has to be highly secured. Get an SSL certificate as it will allow for a secure connection over which personal data can be transmitted. You should also utilize HTTPs and that way you can boost your website ranking.

Learn and Use SEO

SEO is a marketing tool that generates more traffic to your website. You should learn how to use it and apply it to your website. If you do that people will see your website more when they search for something on the Internet. One example of SEO is a keyword search. If you fill your website’s blog with the most used keywords, that will attract more customers to your website.

Other Important Things

Along with the things we have already mentioned, you should also consider having these things: Site search, which will let the users to find items easily; Mobile optimization, which is optimizing the website for mobile phones; Reviews, user-generated reviews that will let the customers review the products.


Designing an eCommerce website is fairly easy for a developer, i.e. Magento developer Sydney, given the technology we already have but designing a really good one can be tough. We suggest you to be more creative and design with simplicity.