10 Worst Tech Habits You Need to Break ASAP

Technology has insanely surrounded us while we are not even aware of it. We are now used to use technology in such a way that many of the tech habits have become harmful for us. Here are the 10 worst tech habits that you need to break soon.


Want to know the worst tech habits? Let’s start!

1. Insufficient Privacy

Most of the people ignore privacy features and settings in their devices, computers and smartphones. Facebook’s latest data leak scandal revealed everything. When you have Telstra phone plans, always make sure you follow the privacy rules, share the least with others and restrict access to unwanted apps, photos and files.

2. Too Much Screen Time

Using smartphones or computers excessively is really dangerous. It has serious health effects, leads to vision problems, back pain, being exposed to harmful radiations from the screen as well as mental health issues. You may have affordable Telstra phone plans, but this doesn’t mean to use your phone 24 hours. Everyone should reduce their screen time, use the apps to monitor their phone usage and take steps to take the screen time to the least.

3. Leaving Devices Unlocked

This is a very bad tech habit that must be ditched. Many people leave their devices unlocked. Moreover, they don’t use passcodes or fingerprint locks to protect their devices, data, photos, and apps. Anyone can pick the phone, install spyware and hack your phone. Make sure you don’t make this mistake again and set a strong password or fingerprint lock.

4. Using Third Party Apps

Spy apps or spyware can be easily installed through third-party apps. For this reason, Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps for iPhones and iPads. The Android users are the first victims of third-party apps that can be dangerous as well as malicious. Download apps from the play store and app store. Do check the reviews before installing any app.

5. Not Backing Up Your Data

You should develop the habit of backing up your data. You have no idea when the device is lost, stolen or becomes unusable. Recovering data then will be a hard task. It is better to back important data every week so that you are safe.

6. Reusing the Same Passwords

Have you ever made this mistake? Many people use the same password again. And even the worst case is when people have the same password for different accounts. It makes you accounts, devices and data more vulnerable to hackers. If anyone knows your one password, they can access any account.

7. Working with Laptop on Your Lap

Laptops and other digital devices emit radiations. Using laptops in the lap for hours has serious health implications. Low sperm count and skin infections are two of the many impacts this habit leads to.

8. Checking Phone Constantly

This is what we call the digital distraction. Checking phone or devices every minute is not a good habit. A study found out that digital distractions reduce a person’s IQ by ten points. So, use Telstra mobile plans Australia responsibly.

9. Display at the Brightest Level

Using devices at the brightest level has not only health implications but shortens the life of your device’s battery. Do you want to contribute to global warming by using more batteries every year?

10. Social Media Addiction

Lastly, social media addiction is way harmful than we think. It leads to depression in young girls. Kids are bullied and get body shaming remarks. It wastes time as well as affects brain growth. It must be handled as soon as possible.